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Hurricane A-coming!

It’s Tuesdaaayyy! I’m sitting at my desk, semi-working. I left my glasses at Babe’s. Whoops. The system I have to use at work is one of those black and green screens. Sucks for the eyes. I usually leave my glasses here since I only really need them for the computer. And driving at night which is pretty irrelevant right now. I accidentally left with them on my shirt on Saturday. Oh, well. I gotta work on this incoming shipment slooowlyyy. Maybe I’ll be done by lunch time.

There’s a hurricane on the way here. Hurricane Irene. It’s supposed to be a category 3 by the time it hits us. It’s looking like it’ll hit on Thursday morning. People are working on battening down houses with shutters and/or plywood. Babe and I need to make sure we’re ready. She has no net and I have no cellphone, so I can’t even reach her to make sure we’re on task. We need to get more tuna, corned beef, maybe some grits, some pasta… Things we can make easily, quickly, and in the dark. I don’t know if there’s a flashlight there. I have one at my place, but really, I can either to to my place, or to hers. Both is out of the question. Especially since I don’t know when the rain will start, and I don’t want to be robbed again.

The Bahamas only gets hurricanes. Well, tropical storms too (which can turn into hurricanes). Hurricane season is June 1 to November 30 every year, but we tend to get hurricanes in August and September. Close to the time for school to open. One year, I believe we went to school for less than a week, and then ended up out of school for almost two weeks due to a hurricane. Hurricane Floyd. It was a category 3 and had winds of over 110mph. Most of Nassau (the island I live on) was without power for 2 weeks, and running water was scarce. That was one time I was glad my family over-prepared. My uncle bought about 7 5-gallon bottles of water. I thought it was a lot of water, but we ended up heating it for baths as well as using it for drinking and cooking. In 2004, we got two hurricanes back-to-back. Ivan and Jean. They weren’t too strong, I don’t think, but we had to stay indoors until they were both over.

[The electricity just cut off. The generator kicked in about 2 minutes later. This is what we have to look forward to. Our power provider already sucks pretty hard. During the summer, it’s worse than usual. LOTS of power cuts. In July, a lot of people complain that they were without power 3 times every day for varying amounts of time. It’s clear that they’re not able to provide consistent, reliable power to the entire country. Oh, get THIS. There was an article in the newspaper about a month ago where they asked people to use their own generators to lighten the load! Yeah, right! Use generators for power, buy our own gas/diesel to fuel them, and STILL pay the electricity bill?! No, thanks! Ok, rant over.]

It’s extremely important to be prepared. Hurricanes don’t scare me at all. I’ve been experiencing them from I was a little girl. The earliest that I remember is Hurricane Andrew of 1992. I remember it being lots of fun. We used kerosene lamps (which I always thought were VERY cool), candles, and flashlights. We ate small, light, meals, different from what I was used to. I got to help get ready for it. I was in the backyard with my uncle, his friend, and his friend’s children. The men were on the roof, securing shingles and trimming trees. We, the children, picked up fruit from the ground, and my aunt took the fruit from the trees. Being inside with loved ones, with no electronic distractions, was a cool experience. After that, whenever a hurricane threatened, I got secretly excited. Of course, I could never tell any adults because they’d tell that’s silly, and that hurricanes are dangerous. I know they can be dangerous, and can cause lots of damage.

Still, I think hurricanes can do a lot of good. We’re forced to live like many before us. All together, indoors. No computers. No iPods. Limited running water. Less light. We learn to use what we need, and only what we need. We eat to be satisfied. We spend quality time with one another. We interact. We become engaged in conversation. No one is watching the clock. No one is concerned about when it’s time to go to bed, or time to get ready to go somewhere. There’s nowhere to be. Nothing to do. All we have to do is BE. Together. Is that really so bad?

Anyway, I’m kind of rambling here. This has been a nice break from the dreaded black screen with green type. Back to that now. Hope it’s a great week for everyone, and just gets better! wish me luck as I try to find a ride to my place to get a few things to take over to Babe’s place. 🙂

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