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How Bad Are Drugs and Alcohol?

Day 20: Your views on drugs/alcohol

I’m not a fan of either one. I feel slightly more strongly about one than the other, but I know that I shouldn’t. Because they’re one in the same. Alcohol is a drug. And it should be viewed as such. But it’s not.

People like to say, “Everything in moderation,” but I like, “Really?! EVERYthing?!” Maybe not. Crystal meth in moderation. Cool beans. NO. NOT REALLY.

Some part me feel like people should stick with what is legal. Drugs are bad. Don’t do any of them. Alcohol is fine. Drink. Get drunk. Get loose. Just don’t drive. But wait. If you’ve had so much to drink that you can’t safely operate a vehicle, you’ve definitely had too much. If you’re doing things you won’t remember tomorrow, and wouldn’t have done if you hadn’t had so much to drink, you’ve had too much. But now… Think about this. What about SUGAR?! Imagine a regular 5 year old. Maybe 20 minutes after a nice, healthy breakfast. Okay. Now imagine the same 5 year old after a birthday party where lots of cake, candy, and ice cream was consumed. That 5 year old is probably doing things he/she wouldn’t do without the encouragement of a sugar rush. He/She has had too much. Bouncing off the walls. Is that any better than a person having too much to drink, and acting out of character? Not really, eh? It’s all unhealthy. So maybe moderation is best. Or maybe we should stay away from all of these things that have the power to take over our systems and turn us into different people.

Anyway, overall, I’m completely against the use of substances that cause harm to the body, mind, or spirit. We need to keep ourselves in the best of health. It’s difficult to know what is best because the rules keep changing. Wheat is good, wheat is bad. There are drugs (medicines) that make people feel better and ease symptoms, but have side effects that could cause death. Who’s to say that’s any better than illegal substances that make a homeless person who feels his/her life has no value feel better able to function and deal with the troubles of the world?

This seems like a question that should have a pretty cut and dry response, but it’s not so simple when you really think about it, is it? Be completely honest. Be logical. Be practical. Be literally. Idealistic, even. Really, truly THINK about it. The only thing you can really be sure of is what seems/feels right FOR YOU.

For me, illegal drugs are not an option. I’m not even down for marijuana. Now, if I had cancer, and it could cure me, or relieve me of horrible death-like symptoms, LIGHT ME UP A JOINT. I’ll smoke it. But I’ve never smoked anything in my life, and don’t plan on it. Alcohol is nothing special to me. I don’t make plans to go out and get “totally wasted” or anything. BUT. I love me some tequila. And I have had a few drunken nights. I much prefer being a little tipsy and remembering the fun I had though. Drunkenness isn’t my best state of being. That’s just me. Probably not the same for you.


What do YOU think? Ever done drugs? Do you consume alcohol regularly? Are (illegal) drugs and alcohol much worse than medicinal drugs, sugars, and other things in our diet that seem to be slowly killing us?