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I used to like Alicia Keys. I really did. Back in the days of Fallin’, No One, and the songs that made sense. Now, I am not a fan. Aside from the drama she was involved in with her current husband and his now ex-wife, I’m not feeling her music any more. Girl On Fire was the final straw. I just have to be done with her now. Officially.

Here are my issues with the song:

  • She sings it like she has a sore throat.
  • It sounds like she has shortness of breath. (This is in a weird, horrible Bluelight remix.)
  • It sounds like a 10 year old trying to sing a grown woman’s song (struggling to hit the notes) while in bed, past her bedtime, without her parents hearing her. (Also in the Bluelight remix.)
  • It’s like she has Alzheimer’s and keeps forgetting that she ALREADY SANG THOSE SAME WORDS.
  • The talking at the beginning is ridiculous.
  • It has the only rap verse I’ve ever heard Nicki Minaj do that I absolutely hate. (Remix.)
  • It will probably ruin Catching Fire (the movie) for me.
  • The track is fire. The song is water. Dousing the beautiful flames. It makes me sad.
  • The video is stupid. No one stands on walls like that. No one sits in bed, singing, with their head at that angle. You just look stupid, Alicia. And what the hell is up with the silly magic?

The only reason that song gets airplay, I’m sure, is because it’s by Alicia Keys and she’s sort of earned the privilege of making garbage and having it pass because of past success. If some unknown singer released that song, it wouldn’t make it beyond YouTube. Try to forget it’s her the next time you have the misfortune of hearing it. You’ll agree. I know it.


Comments on: "Why I Really Don’t Like Girl On Fire (Alicia Keys)" (4)

  1. I’m so tired of current music, anyway. My kids are at the age where they listen to garbage. I think music is way too graphic and sexual and violent now. This song bugs me too.

    • Ugh. Tough phase for you to live through. I find that 95% of the music that I REALLY like is from indie/little-known/underrated/less-mainstream artists like Lisa Mitchell, Bedouin Soundclash, Julia and Angus Stone, and Maverick Sabre. It helps that their music doesn’t play on the radio all the time and get on my nerves.

  2. OMG – yes, yes, yes! Seriously. And I thought I was the only one thinking she did it for the soundtrack.

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