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Five Uses of My Cellphone

The internet is about to explode with Thanksgiving posts. I usually try to get away before that happens. It’s not that I don’t like Thanksgiving (or any other holiday), but I find it a bit overwhelming/predictable/boring when everyone is posting about it. So… I’m being random today.

Five Uses of My Cellphone:

  • Pretending to be busy to avoid unwanted conversation from people in my physical space.
  • Security Blanket. Oh, weird guy approaching me? This is a good time to call my dad and have a little chat.
  • Flashlight. Dang. I can’t see the keyhole. Guess I’ll just press any random button on my phone to make it light up.
  • Something to do with my hands and pass the time. Standing in line at the bank with ten people in front of me and two tellers working? Best time to play a little Sudoku.
  • Record things for later. People like my brother are constantly saying hilarious things. Great story ideas fly at me at random. I often have a hard time remembering them when the time comes, so I tap ’em out on my phone.

Do you use your cellphone for things other than sending and receiving calls and messages, taking pictures, and using the internet? What are they?


Comments on: "Five Uses of My Cellphone" (15)

  1. My entire workout program (you are your own gym) is on my phone. It plays the videos of what I’m meant to do, it times me and tells me what to do when and then it remembers what I did.

    I don’t know if most people ‘do’ their daily workout from their phone but I do!

    My old iPhone (the first) used to get very, very hot. I used it as a hand warmer (the Midwest regularly gets/ stays below freezing in winter). They still heat up if rendering video or something but that’s not as common now.

  2. Ohhh I use my cellphone for the same stuff you do! lol!
    Especially awkward moments, or to kill time.
    The Hubs uses my phone at the baby doctor to play slots.

  3. You are not alone in this. It’s good to remember why we’re so darn cell-phone-dependent these days isn’t it. Flashlight – ha ha! Great little post.

    • I wouldn’t say DEPENDENT. Probably just more comfortable with one now that not having one. In, say, 1996, it didn’t matter. People knew how to just BE.
      There are lots of uses I think are ridiculous, but that’s coming up in another post.
      But yeah… We find all kinds of things to make cellphones do for us. Lol.

  4. Hehe. I used to do a lot with my phone, mostly work out related, until my Iphone broke and now I have a Samsung for the approximately 1855. So now I just text and call. On the rare chance I am trying to purposely avoid someone though, it is good for that! lol.

  5. LOL I’m always looking at my phone, even when my hands are freezing and they would be better off in some gloves. I’m always recording things in my phone but I always forget to go back and look at things to remember them!

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