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Five Things Friday

Here are a five things from my week:

  1. I suffered an injury at flag football practice. Seriously. The season hasn’t even started yet. Whyyy? I got a hard ball coming at me, tried to catch it, but failed because it was a bit too high. It hit my pinky finger. After that, I couldn’t really hold the ball properly to throw, or catch. Sucked. That was yesterday. It still hurts. It also looks kind of weird. Swollen, and red in the knuckle area, on both sides. I have to be extra careful when I rest my hand down, or do anything with it, really. I have a really high tolerance for pain, so when I feel a 3 or 4, I wonder if it’s really an 11, and something is seriously wrong. I’ll ice it more tonight and see what it looks and feels like tomorrow. If it’s still weird, I’ll make my way to the doctor to check it out.
  2. Babe packed my lunch and snacks today. She also did it earlier this week. How lucky am I? Answer: Extremely.
  3. Got a little planner for 2013. Yay! I was telling Babe how I wish I had one so I could record deadlines for the upcoming year, especially with competitions that are early in the year. Of course, when she was out yesterday, she picked one up for me. Awesommme!
  4. Wedding plans are up and down. Got word from the photographer we really wanted to do our photos. It’s $750 just for the digital images. That doesn’t include fee for creative time. NOT in the budget. We just want on-location photos of us – not even for the ceremony, just before – taken, and to get the digital images, and only 10-20 of them edited. How hard is that?! Gaaah! We need to find a community college student who can do a kickass job. We’re still good on the save-the-dates, invites, and guestbook. Woohoo! Got the contract for the music. Just need to sign it and send it back. Yay! I’ve been doing more pinning lately too, and coming up with cool ideas that are very US.
  5. I need to get back to my runniiiiiiing! Really. Seriously. I do. Babe and I talked about it, and agreed that we both feel like sacks of something-not-so-good when we don’t get some activity in. We’re going to make the extra effort to get out and do things. Even if it’s early in the morning, right Babe? Once I get home from work, I want to do ZERO. Aside from showering and having dinner. And watching movies/tv shows. Lol.

Got five things you wanna share? Go for it!



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  1. Yes we have to run! I just want your pinkie to get better though 😦
    You know my mornings are soooo weird, but hopefully it’ll work.
    November is almost here and that means NaNoWriMo-time-o!

    • Hopefully alternating ice and hot water will bring the swelling down, and we’ll see what happens.
      Yeah, I know about the mornings. They’re like my evenings. Lol. We’ll figure it out. Maybe alternate?
      Yesss! NaNoWriMooooo! Excited!

  2. We always called that a “jammed finger.” The way I remember it, there’s nothing for it but demobilisation (to protect it) while the swelling goes down. It hurts! We used to get them playing basketball as kids…

    About the wedding photography: I know some people who do that and it’s ya know, different bids for different gigs but the CHEAP side is about $400 for 2 hours and then extra for prints. As you know, prints can be got online for cheap, so you just want digital anyway… Usually it’s more than $400 for 2 hours but that’s the cheapest you’ll find!

    • Ugh. It’s not fun. At least I know it’s normal now, and I can settle for my level 2 or 3 of pain.

      Yeah, wedding photography is crazy expensive! It’s kind of evil, the way they price these things. Any other event would be like half the cost. Ah, well. I guess they charge what people are willing to pay. We don’t want full coverage. We just want, basically, a portrait session BEFORE the ceremony. That should be a better price, but it’s not, with these outrages charges of $750 to get digital images. It’s just uploading the photos and putting them on a CD or DVD. I don’t get it. At this rate, I’d considering paying for a friend to take a 10 week course and then do our photos. Lol. It’d probably be fun and yield decent results, no?

      • I know one gal who does this (owns her own business) and she does SHEDLOADS of Photoshopping to ‘perfect’ everybody (whitens teeth and eyes, softens wrinkles of your gran BUT doesn’t over-do it or ‘glamour’ it up…you’re paying for that and it’s a BIG DIFFERENCE–from HER). I don’t now what this guy is doing.

        One of the best tips that have been around forever is making sure every table has a throw – away camera. Nowadays, everybody has camera phones, so you could do THAT and have whichever family member who is a hobby photographer make sure you get the shots you want?

        • Yeah, we plan to ask friends to take pictures during the ceremony and after-party. It’s just the portrait session we want professionally done. Gonna get some flyers put up at the art college and see if any students are interested in building their portfolios and making a little $$.

  3. Haaa I love planners, weddings can be stressful tho…. Have a fab weekend!!!

  4. I really need to get a planner!!! My good news is that I went out and bought a plant today! A mum! And I’m hoping to plant a few things before it gets cold. The garden shop lady said I could!

    • I don’t know what I’d do without a planner! You’ll probably want/need one more and more as you take on more piano students, Teacher.
      Plants! Awesome. I really want some new orchids, but they cost around the amount we spend on grocery for a week, so it’ll have to wait until I have a permanent job. Haha. I also really like ponytail palms.
      Mums make me think of Easter and Mother’s Day. 🙂

  5. Ah I hope your pinky feels better! Ouch.
    And flag football, how funnn!
    Ohh,wedding planning. I loved getting married, but did not like that part of it. So I just let everyone else do it for me. (I was 20. All I cared about was what the cake looked like.) Good luck!!! I can’t wait to see pictures of this wonderful day. Or to creepily show up….. 😛

    • Pinky is on the mend! Swelling is down about 70%, and I only feel pain when I apply pressure (by accident, or by testing – haha).
      Hahahaha. So funny. I think you and Babe are in the same boat there. She’s excited about getting married, but not big on the planning. She’s still interested enough to give me big fat NO’s on a few things though. Hahahaha.
      YESSS. You should totally creep up! *whispers* You know you wanna visit Halifax!

  6. I agree, I loved getting married but hated planning, especially when Mother of the Bride drops all her “contributes” and the bride has 3 months to get everything done!
    Just make the best of it, and with the photos, maybe telling the photographer they are “pre-wedding” photos will help on price? Also, when you do get prices, show them to other photographers, and some times that will help get their prices down 😉
    Glad your finger is some-what better.

    • Yeah, it can be difficult when you have to depend on other people. Sometimes, they let you down. I’m trying NOT to depend on ANYone, really. Well, I kinda have to depend on the cake people to make the cake, and the music lady to play music and stuff like that. Unavoidable things. But I’m not asking for any favours. That’s for sure!
      Yeah, I’m definitely not telling them I want wedding coverage. Just a portrait session. They STILL charge a bunch for the images. Trying to find one who includes like 10-20 images in their package. I don’t even care if they don’t edit them. I just want the pix.

  7. Uh oh…the flag football things doesn’t sound too good. Well, props! Because
    you still want to go running.
    You know… I still don’t know why photographers have to be THAT expensive? A former friend of mine is a photographer, I think she asks about 1500 – 2000 dollars. I forgot to ask her WHY so freaking expensive! Ugh! Hope you find one though… Oh no, actually I’m sure you will find one. Yup.

    • The pinky is much better! Still seems to have an internal bruise, but I think it’ll be fine in a week. I can catch the ball again! YAY!
      Yeah… photogs are making ALL THE MONEY!
      Hahaha. I’m glad you’re confident I’ll find one. That makes me feel much better! Lol

  8. I hope you feel better now. New planner and all those little things can indeed make those priceless blessings for us

    Have a great week!

  9. Weddings can be so stressful! I’m sure that it will work out perfectly. Best of luck!

    Isn’t it great when the littlest things can bring some sunshine to our days.

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