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Read this. Great pointers on getting fit and being healthy. AND happy. Christina is always right. 🙂

Christina, Going Places

I posted this update on my Facebook yesterday:

It’s been a hard, long journey, but also a life-changing, incredible one. I’m happy and healthy and the feeling of being an inspiration to others is really an amazing one. This past month especially I have received a lot of sweet words and questions on how I got in shape. Ergo, I thought I’d post some tips that helped me get where I am today! Ahem:

1. Oftentimes people will ask me about running, and proceed their question by a statement about how much they, in fact, hate running. That’s fine. Hate running! Find an exercise you do love. Try new things. Zumba. Yoga. Tango. (I’ve tried all three and they’re all awesome!) You’re expanding boundaries, having fun AND burning calories. Really can’t go wrong there.

2. Bargain with yourself. Throughout my life, I’ve lost weight and then gained it all…

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