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Buses and Wedding Dresses

It’s not even noon and it’s already been quite the day!

ImageI got up early to get ready and head out for a meeting. Guess who the meeting was with… Think… Think… Got your guess? Ok, I’ll tell you. My designer! Woot, woooooot! Super excited to have someone I know designing my wedding dress. I had what I considered to be a really cool idea. It’s pretty different, but still appropriate. I sent him a FB message to see if he’d be interested in helping me make it happen. He works with a seamstress, so he was able to put together a full package – design and sewing. I sent him a few pictures and a detailed description of what I want. I also took pictures of two sample fabrics that I really like. The meeting today was just to talk in person about what I want, and have a look at the drawings he’s done based on the info I gave him. And, um… LOVE. I’m way more excited about my outfit for the ceremony than the after party, but I guess that’s the way it should be. The after-party outfit is really just for comfort, ease of movement, and a little sexy factor. The one for the ceremony… It is BAM. That is all I can really say. I’m excited to wear it, and to finally be able to reveal it to y’all. 🙂 Are you excited?

Ok, so back to the topic at hand. I wasn’t able to arrange transportation to the meeting, and then to work. I was offered a shift at my cousin’s office yesterday, so there wasn’t much time to plan. I just decided to take the bus. Ugh. You know how I feel about it, right? It frickin’ SUCKS. The ride from my area to the downtown area was uneventful. It was quiet. The radio was set to a mainstream radio station. There was no a/c, so I got fresh morning air. It wasn’t crowded. I got a single seat. Yay.

The ride from the downtown area (where I met designer dude) to my work area was ridiculous. First of all, please picture the bus driver. He’s in his mid-30’s. His hair is about shoulder length. He had it in about 6 cornrows that sort of turned up at the ends. Weird. He wore sunglasses. Pretty sure they were women’s sunglasses. Pretty sure he thought they were gangster. He wore baggy jeans and a striped golf style shirt – typical of the average Bahamian male on the streets. His seat was reclined, about 45 degrees from the upright position. His body was hunched forward, about 25 degrees, to the wheel. Why, please, is your seat reclined as you lean forward to drive, looking like a fool? Hmmm?

He was playing a CD. Not gonna lie… It was ghetto. Like some really down-n-dirty reggae that you would hear in a really dirty club in Jamaica or something. Ever heard those special DJ mixes? You know… The ones where the DJ’s voice keeps interrupting or playing over the music. And they insert weird noises like sirens and horns to try to make it exciting. Yeah. It was like being at a Caribbean party hosted by the guys from St. Kitts and St. Lucia. In the only space they can rent that would allow indoor smoking. Of whatever. The basement of a Chinese restaurant. That’s where. I could almost smell the backwood, cigarette, and marijuana smoke that I thought would kill me the only time I ever attended one of said parties. Yes. One bus ride did this to me. *sighs*


Yeah, I really own one of these babies. BZZZZZ!

SO. You know weird things always happen on the bus in The Bahamas. This is why I hate it. We’re not talking weird “Oh, that’s interesting,” or “This is really funny” at all. We’re talking “OMG, get me off this bus!” or grip-your-stun-gun-in-your-purse weird.

  • He had two of his friends riding up front with him, and they talk and laughed a lot.
  • He pulled over at least twice to talk to random people on the road who he clearly knew. One of the people told him the story of what happened last night when he (the driver) “passed through” some “spot” and didn’t know “what gone down”. Yeah.
  • The two friends kept yelling at people out the window, asking them where they’re headed, and trying to get them to ride on the bus.
  • He made a right turn when we should have gone left.
  • He stopped for breakfast. Like, legit, STOPPED the bus ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. He got out, went to a little breakfast shack (sort of like a food truck, but for breakfast only), and ordered himself breakfast. While people waited in the bus. At like 8:40am, when people are trying to get to work.
  • At one point, he pulled over AGAIN. To eat his breakfast. Like, really, dude? Are you serious right now?
  • He started pulling alongside pedestrians harassing them, asking where they’re going. Keep in mind that the bus is going in the wrong direction at this point.
  • Keep in mind that we’ve made a right turn where we should have gone left. He continued until we got to a T-junction with one way traffic, and we could only turn left. He turned left, then made an immediate left into a mall parking lot. We sat there. He asked passersby where they were headed. We circled the parking lot twice. FINALLY, we headed back in the correct direction. At 8:55am. People are dressed and ready for work. WTF.

That’s all I can remember. I was thinking, during the entire ride, that I was going to forget some things. If I remember anything worth sharing, I’ll tell you later. But gosh. Do you understand why I hate the freaking bus system (or lack thereof) in this place? GET ME OOOOOUUUUUT! *echoes*

So, in closing… I don’t like taking the bus here, and I will avoid it as much as possible. Also my wedding attire is gonna be freakin’ awesommmmme!

By the way, I’m trying to decide whether or not I should tell Babe about it. Should I let her know what the design is like? She knows my general idea, but not the whole story. Especially after this meeting. Things are more solidly defined. And exciting. I kinda want her to be surprised, but I kinda want her in the loop so she knows what is going on, and so I can have SOMEone to tell. Because, you know, you can’t tell everyone about your plans. They just have to be there. Or see the pictures later. What do y’all think? Babe, what do you think?

How about you? What was the most interesting part of your day? Do you ever use public transportation?


Comments on: "Buses and Wedding Dresses" (14)

  1. That was no ordinary bus ride – oh my!
    I’m kinda on the fence about knowing what the design is. Excited to see the plans but it might also be really cool to be surprised! Hmmm… I think I’m leaning twds being surprised.

    • It was ridiculous!
      I thought you may lean to that side. *sighs* Now who am I gonna tell about my fab dress?! Lol.
      I sort of think seeing the design and seeing the dress itself, ON, are different. Seeing the dress itself, and ON a body, should get a different effect. But we can play it safe. 🙂

  2. we took the bus a couple times while in Nassau from the hotel to the straw market. it was not nearly as “exciting” as your ride, but i do remember one time our driver from the airport to the hotel, with a full bus, decided to pull into the gas station and start talking to someone he knew for a couple minutes before taking us all to the resort. I thought it was very random, but now I’m thinking its more commonplace than I realized.

    I would maybe describe the dress to her, but don’t show her pics of it. save it to be a special memory for when she sees you for the first time!

    • I think they behave a little better on the “tourist” buses. The ones that only go downtown, and to the hotel strip. Haha. They tend to be cleaner too. I only know because I had to take one to get to work (when I worked waaayyy past the hotels).

      I think I’ll go with your idea. So I could at least get my excitement out. I probably won’t describe it very clearly anyway. Lol.

  3. This is why I am heart broken about my car being broken. I love independence but I hate buses in this country. Just the other day a skeezy man sat next to me and looked over and said a loud, PHEW, I thought I was attracted to a boy for a moment, but you’re just a girl with short hair.

    Very astute that man. And creepy. I feel you. I WANNA SEE THE DRESS!

    • Your car is down? Suuucks. Repairable, I hope.

      Oh, my gosh. What is WRONG with people?! I try to sit on the left side, where the single seats are, or way up front, right behind the driver. I feel like I’m less likely to be harassed the way. I forgot to mention in this post that I walked straight past two people (males) I know who were trying to get my attention, but I kept it moving. I was already in IGNORE mode, and didn’t realize who there were until like 30 seconds later. *sighs*

      You WILL see the dress! In August… Hehehe.

  4. WOW! Good on the dresses, bad on the bus.

    There’s no public transportation where I live. There is a couple hours away and when I’m rarely there, I guess I use it about 10% of the time. I mean RARELY there…so, when I’m there, it’s usually part of a planned outing that has a ride. I don’t drive even in the cow-town known as STL (St. Louis).

    “Pretty sure they were women’s sunglasses. Pretty sure he thought they were gangster.”
    So funny–and I bet true.

    • That’s the thing about living on the outskirts. I was thinking about it this morning, actually. When we move (Canada, UK, or US), and are in a position to buy a home (whenever that is), we’ll probably be looking outside of major cities. Lower cost homes in nice, lower-traffic areas, but you need a car. Which, I guess, is a given when you start talking babies. I’m not depending on public transit with children in two. No way.

      The sunglasses were kinda funny. Lol.

  5. HOW AMAZING about your dress! How CRAZY about that ride!

  6. I agree. Show the design but not the dress till the Big Day!
    Stupid Bus Drivers! Sorry you have to go through that. See where I am from we don’t have busses, unless you are in the big city, here either you drive your car, walk, or call a friend 🙂

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