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Thankful Thursday

I’m glad this week is coming to a close. I am really, really glad. I can hardly wait for it to be next week. I have been tried and tested for the past two weeks. Babe’s friend’s daughter (5) has been staying with us, and she is ANNOYING. And RUDE. I have no tolerance for rudeness, so you can imagine how this has been going. Now, her over-indulgent mother is here, and will be here until the child’s summer camp ends (TOMORROW! TOMORROW! I LOVE YA, TOMORROW!) Not soon enough, I tell ya!

In some other post, I will share some general rules that I believe should be followed when you stay at someone else’s house, especially uninvited and rent-ass-free. I will also post reasons NOT to offload your child on other people (e.g. Your child speaks at a volume about 80% higher than necessary, and has to be told about it EVERY time she opens her loud mouth.). Now people, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE children. I really do. I just do not like being stuck with someone else’s for an extended period of time. I don’t care who you are, or how awesome (you think) your child is, two weeks is FAR TOO LONG for him/her to visit a non-family member, ok? FAR TOO LONG. Unless you are paying exorbitant camp fees.

I was telling my cousin about this issue, and he said, “It’s different when it ain’t ya blood.” Boy, ain’t that the freaking truth! I can deal with my younger cousins much easier. I know them. I understand their habits. I know how their parents relate to them. I know how they are disciplined. They know that I am fun, but not to be messed with. We gel. We mesh. We GOOD.

Even in my babysitting days in university, all was well. Those were some VERY well behaved children. I often showed up with a box of fun. “She brought the gold box!” they would exclaim. The gold box meant crafty things, little experiments, and lots of randomness. So yes, I GET children. I know how to have fun. I have my own methods of discipline. I just have to be adamant about this. NO ONE WANTS TO KEEP YOUR UNRELATED CHILD FOR FREE FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME. No matter what your reasoning, if you are thinking something that is not in line with what I’m telling you, you are WRONG.

Oh, wait… It’s Thankful Thursday, isn’t it?

I’m thankful that it is almost time for these people to get the HELL out of our house. I’m thankful for the peace and quiet that we will soon have. I’m thankful for the dishes that will only be dirtied by us, so I won’t have a problem washing them. (Listen. The sink is full of dishes right now. NONE of them are ours. This is NOT a bed and breakfast. GAAAAAH! Inconsideration really does it to me, y’all!) I’m thankful for you all, letting me rant and all that stuff. I’m thankful that my course material has arrived, and I’m almost done with my first assignment.

How about you? Anything driving you crazy this week? What’s the longest you’ve ever had a house guest? Would you dump your child on friends you hardly ever talk to for two weeks? What are you thankful for?


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  1. That made me laugh…! I’m just thankful that I’ve got a lot done this week with regards to my site & book.. Phew!

  2. My house is not guest-friendly – and that is by design. (Welcome to The Allegra House: home of The Most Uncomfortable Pull Out Sofa In The World! Bwa-ha-ha!)

    When I visit far away friends and relatives, I make a point to NOT stay at their houses. I’m never very comfortable in that environment; I always feel like I’m stomping around in someone’s personal sanctuary. Give me a crappy hotel over that any day.

    I love your post, by the way. From this point forward I shall adopt the term “rent-ass-free.”

    • That’s hilarious, Mike.
      Some people are pretty determined. We said we don’t have an extra bed, OR pull-out sofa. She bought and brought a queen-sized blow-up bed. Now THAT is dedication to your own idea and imposing on others. *shakes head*
      Yeah, I’m not fond of staying at people’s houses either. VERY uncomfortable for me. I hate feeling like I owe people something. Last time I stayed at someone’s house, it was super awkward. I wanted to cook or do something to contribute, but was afraid to just walk in their kitchen and use their grocery as I saw fit, even if it was to feed them. Lol. It’s just a weird, unnecessary situation. I’m with you!
      Rent-ass-free is stolen from one of the youth in a program I worked for where I was live-in staff. Feel free to use!

  3. Just Rambling said:

    Haha. We gel. We mesh. We good. That got me smiling!
    Uuhhh seriously, I gotta read those instructions before I visit you! Okay, let’s see how this works… I promise to read the instructions and all that, if you will make me a good Johnny cake to celebrate my visit! Hahaha! Sounds like a plan to me… yup. 😛

    • Hahahaha. The rules are slightly different for people who are actually INVITED. I think you’d fall into that category. You are ON for that johnny cake. I guess I should practice making it, huh? Lol.

  4. This is funny. I’m like you–rude behavior is unacceptable and I have ZERO patience for it. I get so angry with children who have no manners, and we wonder why the world is going to the dump in some ways. You’re a saint to have a house guest for that long, and hopefully you won’t have to deal with anything like that again. You’ve done your time, lol. 🙂

    • YES, to what you’ve said about children and the way the world is shaping up around them. I hope the universe agrees with you! LOL.
      The house is almost back to normal. If she would just send her brother to pick up the crap she left her, it’d be allll gooood. I know only said this isn’t a bed and breakfast, but it isn’t a storage unit either. LOL.

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