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As Things Fall Apart

ME. Except I’m browner, and balder. And my frames are green. And my computer is white.

What a week. I am not liking it. I am gonna be glaaad to see the back of this one.

I’m pretty out of it. I’ve been fighting the feeling to just give up completely. I hate when it seems like everything is falling apart. I know I need to pick myself up, but I don’t feel like it. I just wanna lay down and play dead. You know that kind of way?

On Wednesday, I lost pretty much all of my work from May to date (that was on my computer). There was some sort of error, and the folder vanished. I don’t remember all that was in it, so I’m willing to let those things go, but I DO remember one thing. The latest revision of a short story that I’ve been working on for weeks. It’s the only piece that I posted for critiques. The feedback I got was great, and quite helpful. I got 5 replies, and 4 of them have some real meat. I worked my way through about half of it. I am HIGHLY annoyed that all my work just vanished.

I guess I can blame myself. I should be working on a newer computer. I should save files in more than one place. Too bad, too sad.

Babe sent the computer to a Mac specialist to see if he could retrieve the lost folders. No dice. The computer came back with the battery life consistently DECREASING while PLUGGED IN. That set me over the edge. If I lived near a cliff, I think I would have tossed the thing over. The battery was swollen before it went to him, but came back much worse. It made no connection to the computer, so it can no longer be charged. What a piss off! A new battery would cost me well over $100. AND I am jobless. The hits just won’t stop coming. I can NOT afford a new battery. I also can NOT afford to keep using the computer with just the a/c adapter. Power cuts are too frequent here, especially during the summer months. AND I would risk losing what I’m working on if it ever goes out. I can’t go through that kind of loss again.

Another thing that makes this annoying is that I promised to do something for my cousin. She had a bunch of videos on her PC (with no keys left on it) that she wants transferred to her son’s iPad. Of course, I said I’d do it. I saved them all on my other cousin’s hard drive. I just needed to connect it to my computer, change the file types to iPad compatible versions, load in iTunes, then connect to the iPad. Well, it’s a bit more complicated now, isn’t it? *sighs* I guess I could take the chance to do it, but I don’t really want to. And I don’t want to disappoint her. I said I’d have it done by the end of the week. AND I was going to enter at least one story in a couple of contests with June 30 deadlines. *looks at watch* Yeah. Time is running out.

Although I want this week to end, I don’t expect next week to be any better. It will be just as computerless. Way less productive. Both because I don’t have a device to revise on (though I can write on my Neo2), and because I’m feeling less inclined to do anything. AND we’re going to have a ward. One of Babe’s friends’ 4 year old is staying with us for a while. *sighs* This is just not a good time at all, but we’ve committed. I’ll just have to grin and bear it. Wish me luck!

Okay, enough of that. For my writing buddies, Kristen wants us to toss four writing crutches, and I agree. Read more in her post. Also, check out her book, We Are Not Alone. I plan to include it in my next BN purchase.

How was your week? Anything fun happening on the weekend? Are you looking forward to next week? How do you work your way out of a funk?


Comments on: "As Things Fall Apart" (9)

  1. I’m so sorry you lost your writing! I know that feeling, it’s awful. Don’t beat yourself up, it happens to everyone at some point.

  2. Oh my goodness I’m so sorry your lost your writing. I would throw a hissy fit. And good luck girl!

  3. I guess we are in the same boat. But hopefully, things will get better for us soon. Wishing you happiness and sending all the positive vibes in the world!

  4. I feel so down for you. I wish I had some helpful advice. One thing you could do, when you get your computer back in the swing, is to buy a USB memory stick, plug that in every time you write. When you save, make sure you save onto the stick as well as your computer. This way, you have your stuff backed up–and it’s small enough to stick in your wallet so you can bring the stick with you wherever you go.

    Good luck.

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