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Five Things Friday

It has been quite a week! I can’t really say I’ve been busy. I sort have been. But only if you count spinning around in circles as a valid activity. There is so much happening! I have so many plans! I have things written down on pieces of paper everywhere. Must. get it. together. soon. And I will. 

Here’s a bit of what’s happening in my circle of insanity:

  • Received a response (via snail mail) to the aptitude test I took to be offered enrollment in a children’s writing course. TOTALLY got in. Yay! I have to enroll by June 20 to be able to use the $30 coupon included in the package, and by June 27 to have my seat. It’s all online, and students work one-on-one with instructors by snail mail OR email (I have to go with email, if only because I live outside of the US, and snail mail would take forever) to complete assignments. It’s 220 hours of work, and they give up to two years to complete it. I’m sure I’ll bang it out in a year or less, ’cause I’m bad like that. Hahaha. I was concerned about the cost which is somewhere between $700 and $800, depending on whether it’s paid upfront or on a payment plan. PAYMENT PLAN, PLEASE! The initial payment (at time of enrollment) is $125, and I would normally jump at it. Yesterday, though, I was a bit scared. I’m still unemployed. But then ya know what happened? Babe tossed some cash at me (figuratively) to help pay the enrollment fee and down payment. Am I the luckiest lady on the planet or WHAT?! Sooo, I’m enrolling next week. WEEEEEE! Institute of Children’s Literature, here I come! You can check out the course here. (More on this later.)
  • In my research (I obsessively research pretty much EVERYthing before I commit), I came across a sort of sister organization that offers a course on writing for adults. Short stories AND novels. AWESOME. I wanna do it! I’ve already given myself a good talking to, explaining that I can only take one course at a time. Upon completion of the first one, I’ll reevaluate. If it proves to be worth it, I’ll jump on the next one.
  • I have knocked out all but one of my ROW80 goals. A week early. GOOO, me! One of the goals was to develop a plan to build my author platform (in short, it’s an online presence inclusive of a website, blog, and social media). I did lots of research, and got some help from Babe. We found a great option for my website. I was determined to find a service where I could build a website (using templates) that would have at least 5 pages, unlimited email addresses, mailing list, etc. WITH domain name and hosting. I should be signing up and getting to work on it next week.
  • Of course, one thing leads to another. I need graphics and photos for the website. Well, just one photo, really, of me. One of my main concerns has always been branding. I contacted a cousin (of a cousin) who is great with graphic design and photography, and she got my logo done in 48 hours. How awesome is that?! I should be getting hi-res files tonight. WEEEEEE!
  • My writing is on track. I am completing projects. Ideas are springing like weeds. Pretty weeds. And I came across a few really cool competitions that I just HAVE to go for. We’re talking serious cash prizes and publication possibilities.

So, can you feel my excitement? Do you understand my circle-spinning? I love POSSIBILITIES and OPPORTUNITIES! WEEEEEEE! *spins around and around, and out the door*

What’s up with you? How has your week been? What awesome things have presented themselves to you?


Comments on: "Five Things Friday" (6)

  1. So much good news at once!

  2. Great news. That writing course for kids sounds like a lot of fun. Sometimes I think I’d like to do that, and then I think when would I do that, lol. I should really write and complete the 3 adult novels that I have been raring to get to for over a year now.

    My problem (is it a problem?) is that I love writing soooo much, and I would write anything and all things if I had the time.

    Good luck with the class and be sure to keep us posted.

    • Thanks, 4!
      You can do it too! Look it up. It’s all through correspondence, and it seems like they give about a month to complete assignments. You can take a leave of absence at any time, and getting extensions on assignments is no big deal. You get up to TWO YEARS to finish, and it’s just 10 assignments! I can be your tester, and let you know how it goes for sure.

      Re: Your problem – Definitely not. It’s just tough to prioritize. And sometimes, it’s hard to FINISH things.

      Are you a part of the WANAs? There is new social media for artists only, and it’s pretty cool. If you join, we can chat more on there. http://wanatribe.ning.com/

  3. YAY! Congrats to you on happy things 🙂 This post made me happyyyyy. (Can you tell by the extra letters!? :P)

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