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Update 3-2-1

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I haven’t forgotten my blog. It’s just been crazy. We switched ISPs (because the old one was TERRIBLE), so we thought we were without service for a bit. It turns out that our services overlapped, but anyway… Long story.

Three Things I’m Thankful For:

  1. Job interview on Saturday (I’d LOVE to get this job – of course it’s with a non-profit org – but I don’t want to get excited. The disappointment would be too much. The requirements/qualifications listed are EXTENSIVE, and I don’t really have them in the terms they stated them in, but HEY! I got an interview!)
  2. Decent internet service
  3. Making progress (even if it’s just a tiny bit) on my children’s books and finding illustrators

Two Notes on ROW80

  1. I’m still in the game! I’ve completed my character profiles and sent them to the critique group. Only one response so far – which was really positive – and I wish everyone else would get to it! I know everyone is super busy though. Blah! I also have a plan for my author platform, and I hope to get it going in July. I’m well on my way to planning out the chapters of my novel after reading Donald Maass’ book on writing the “breakout” novel. Today, I’m getting down to business and writing the first chapter. WOO!
  2. I’m cutting myself slack on the running, and signing up for a 5k. The weather has not been conducive to running outdoors, and I don’t have a treadmill or a gym membership. Also, I don’t want to sign up for anything that costs money. I’m jobless, so it would be a bit reckless of me to sign up and pay for an event, and not be able to travel for it.

One Thing I Need to DO. SOON

  1. Send in my letter for approval of n at-home business. This is a prerequisite for a business license (for an at-home business) which is a prerequisite for the $5000 government grants for business. I could REALLY use that money to get my books illustrated and printed. Must.get.my.butt.in.gear.

What’s up with you? Working on any new projects? What do you need to just get out there and DO?

Comments on: "Update 3-2-1" (10)

  1. Hope you get the job! If it’s yours it’s yours!

  2. Good luck! I’ve been too sick to keep up with anything…

    AND I need to get out illustrations for a kid’s book. Dayem! Being my side-job, being sick enough to not do either SUCKED. I feel like I have to spend a lot of effort to “catch” up but I’m not actually strong enough. Gar!

    I’m THANKFUL that I have a job, though, and coworkers who genuinely care about me (or they were surely glad to see me back after 5 days!).

    • Ugh. Sorry you’ve been sick. It sucks when you can’t do things b/c you’re feeling like crap.
      Book illustrations, you say? Hmmm…
      Good to have a job too, if you’re not loaded. Lol. And they SHOULD be glad, as much as you do around there!

  3. Things are looking up for you! So proud, you make me smile!
    As for me, well, life is life, things happen, and well we live, we breathe, we do another day. On That note, Jade makes me smile, and my blogging friends are making me smile, so I think life is doing pretty well 🙂

  4. ah! good luck on the interview 🙂 you’ll do great!

  5. good luck at the interview.

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