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Thankful Thursday

It’s been a looong day of driving, traffic, and unpleasant heat. I really don’t like errand days. Even more than that, I reeeally dislike days that feel unproductive. No matter how many errands I do, it doesn’t feel as concrete as getting work done on the computer, or on Xandy (my Neo2). Oh, well… These things can be deceiving, right?

Today, I’m thankful for:

  • Company for my mom while she’s away having (more) tests done
  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Cold water
  • Being 95% done with my character profiles (YAY!)
  • Babe doing the grocery shopping
  • New opportunities
  • Balance (which I have totally mastered!)
  • Two living great-grandmothers (One will be 95 the day after Mothers’ Day, and the other is just the most amazing person I know)
  • New (green ladybug) charm for my Pandora bracelet 🙂 For no reason at all. Babe loves me.

Were you productive today? Would you rather be on the road, or in your office? What are you thankful for?


Comments on: "Thankful Thursday" (2)

  1. laci512 said:

    I love ladybugs!!! I have a tattoo of a ladybug that I got in memory of my grandpa. He always called me ladybug when I was a little girl.

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