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ROW80 Goals

One week into the ROW80 challenge is probably a good time to set some goals, right? LOL. Work has been crazy, and I haven’t fit in as much LIFE as I would have liked. Anyway, I’m getting back on track. It’s time to get some writing done. It has been too long!

Here are my goals:

  • Turn a short story into a longer story. (I wrote a short story in November that definitely could have been longer. I could have included more information, more events, etc. I need to get to it!)
  • Complete character profiles for novel.
  • Submit character profiles to critique group for feedback.
  • Complete (10) chapter plans for novel. (Once I’ve planned the first 10, I’ll get to writing. Whenever inspiration hits, and I know where to go next, I’ll plan more chapters. I just need to get the right, structured start.)
  • Complete chapter one of novel.
  • Submit chapter one to a First Chapter competition.
  • Write five short stories.
  • Edit and polish three short stories.
  • Enter three short story competitions.
  • Write three sample pieces for writer’s portfolio.
  • Spend 30 minutes per week developing a plan for creating my author platform (until challenge end OR until I have a clear vision of what the website, blog, Facebook page, and Twitter page should all look like).
  • Research and take notes on at least 3 self-publishing options.
  • Select and sign up for a self-publishing service.
  • Run at least four days per week for 15-30 minutes.
  • Choose and register for a 5k event in 2012.
  • Drink at least one bottle of water every day.

I have a lot to do between now and June 21, right? It’s okay. I’m gonna plan this all out in my handy-dandy student planner. I will succeed! I’ve already succeeded in meeting my goal (that stayed in my head) to set goals. 🙂


On another note, I know I haven’t been posting much lately. Things around going to normalize in the next few days, so I’ll be back to posting regularly. YAY! 🙂

Yesterday was super long. I worked from 8:30am to 7:15pm. It was non-stop all day. I got home, and was STARVING. I was happy to eat, shower, and relax. We watched Project Runway and Modern Family – two of our faves at the moment. Later, we had a discussion that still has me kind of all over the place. This morning, I wasn’t able to shake the feelings. For now, I have them at the back, and I’m letting all the things I need to do today sit at the forefront. The past – specifically, people of the past – just keep creeping up. Things were revealed in past few weeks that I didn’t know about, and I’m pretty upset about it. I kind of let it die, but recent discussion has brought it back to the surface. And I hate it. I find it very difficult to deal with being disrespected, whether or not those involved realize that they’re disrespecting me. *sighs* I need to do a free-writing session before the end of the day to clear my mind (and not make this an emotional dump). After that, whatever decisions people make will be on them, and I will do my best not to say a thing about any of it. It doesn’t make a difference anyway.

How is your week going? Are you swamped with work? Are you participating in ROW80? Link to your goals! I’ve missed a lot of posts in the last week or so. Give me the link to one of yours that I MUST read. 🙂 

Comments on: "ROW80 Goals" (13)

  1. Hey, you jump in when you can. ROW80 is about setting your own goals and achieving them at your own pace. Good luck with all your goals!

  2. Love your goals. I think it’s okay to have a huge list but aim for completing 80% or something, rather than the whole list. That way, you won’t feel like you didn’t do enough…unless you think you can get it all accomplished–then more power to you! 🙂

    • Thanks! 🙂
      I’m sure that I can get it all done. A fair bit of my goals are directly linked to others. Once I have a story written, why not edit it? Once it’s edited, why not enter it into a competition? The list looks long, but it’s not more than I can handle. I’ve learned that I have to push myself if I ever want to get things done. It’s far to easy to sit back, relax, and slowly do little or nothing. Shoot for the moon, right? 🙂

  3. That is a lot on your plate! I wish you all the luck in completing those goals!

    I had a bit of a medical mishap last week and so I didn’t get to work on my goals… but I’m excited to start again. I think I feel more motivated by the failure rather than less. I hope that’s a good sign. Work has been CRAAAAZY so I’m hoping it calms down a little as well. I’ve decided to stop playing politics and just try to get my work done. We’ll see!

    Enjoy the rest of your week and good luck!

  4. Great goals. Good luck with them. I’m sure you will have no problem checking each one off of the list. Hope that everythings goes well for you!

  5. Wow, you are one ambitious woman! I hope the rest of your fundraiser goes smoothly and you are writing like crazy soon.

    • I am! 🙂
      Next week (after the event) will be crazy, but on a totally different level. I should still be able to get a good bit of writing in. I plan on starting a short story tonight to get the ball rolling. Starting is the hardest/slowest part.

  6. Like the others, I am impressed with all of your goals, and as you say, they are inter-related, many of them, so in a way, you have built in success. That is really quite smart of you and impressive.

    As for the past, it is where it is, whether we learn more about it now or never. The one thing about it, regardless it will not come again in precisely that same way.

    You are doing a great job.


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