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I neeeeeed this. Things are always all over the place in my bag. I'd like to be able to just reach in and grab my Neo2, nook, cellphone, or whatever without a major search.

I'm on the hunt for a good messenger bag, and I saw this one. It is TOO cute. I WANT!

Cuuute! If I could find this with the colours inversed, THAT would be AWESOME.

Ca-YUUUUUTE! I just have no idea when I would wear/use it. I don't have many outfits that would do it justice. But looove.

Beach baaaaag!



Comments on: "Wordless Wednesday: Wants!" (2)

  1. I bought an organizer for my “sleeping bag-sized” purse that I’ve dragged around for years and after cramming all my NECESSARY stuff in the organizer…

    I decided to use a smaller bag, the size of the organizer! Hilarious. Now, I have an organizer that I use to just store crap in at home. At least I paid a fraction of the cost (at a craft store–it’s the EXACT same organizer I was going to order on Amazon but I saw it at Michael’s crafts!).

    • Hahahaahhaa. That is hilarious!
      I’ve never liked those giant bags. I wonder about the people who carry – no DRAG – them around. Might they end up spending the next three nights somewhere? Are there blenders and crock pots in them? LOL.
      And the bigger the bag, the more crap I’d be tempted to carry around with me. Not good.

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