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I find great writing tips/advice/blogs/resources all the time. Mostly because I’m looking for them. None of it is ever really groundbreaking, but you the way it is… You know things, but you need someone else to tell you. I know that other people need the same sort of fuel. And I can rarely keep awesome things to myself. For that reason, I’m doing Writer Wednesdays. Every Wednesday, I’ll share at least one of the little gem’s I’ve come across. When does it start? TODAY, of course!

Today’s Writer Wednesday is brought to you by the crazy guy over at terribleminds.

25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing

  1. Running Away
  2. Stopping
  3. Writing in someone else’s voice
  4. Worrying
  5. Hurrying
  6. Waiting
  7. Thinking it should be easier
  8. Deprioritizing your wordsmithy
  9. Treating your book like a dumpster
  10. The moping and whining
  11. Blaming everyone else
  12. The shame
  13. Lamenting your mistakes
  14. Playing it safe
  15. Trying to control the shit you can’t control
  16. Doing one thing
  17. Writing for (the market)
  18. Chasing trends
  19. Caring about what others are doing
  20. Caring so much about the publishing industry
  21. Listening to what won’t sell
  22. Overpromising and overshooting
  23. Leaving yourself off the page
  24. Dreaming
  25. Being afraid

He elaborates on all of the points above. To read it all, see his post. While you’re at it, look around his blog. It’s funny, irreverent, and oddly inspirational.

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Comments on: "Writer Wednesday: 25 Things to Stop Doing" (2)

  1. Great post. Although I think you need to dream đŸ™‚

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