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Weekend Recap

Another great weekend for me. Yay!

I don’t think anything out of the ordinary went on after work on Friday. Probably a movie?

Ahhh... The joy of being on an island that's just 21x7 miles

On Saturday morning, I got up at 6:15 and got dressed for my run. It was raaainiiiiing. I drove out to my run spot. It was raining there too. Lucky, smart me… I’d packed my nook, my writing journal (where I’m plotting out my novel), and a pen. I sat, looking at the beach in the rain, using what was before me as my muse. I read a little and wrote a little. It was quite a productive morning.

From there, I went to yoga class. My mum didn’t go because she had to be at work for noon, and she’s not able to do anything aside from get ready before she goes to work. Gotta preserve the strength in her legs. The class was good, though a little difficult uncomfortable due to the activity of my cycle. Ugh. Anyway, I did what I could. I really could have done more, but I don’t like feeling gross. I spoke to the instructor after the class, and she said my mum crossed her mind a few times during the week. Her husband is a chiropractor, and although she likes to keep their work separate, she spoke to him about her condition. He’s happy to give my mum a free consultation. It’s possible that he could help her in some way. I’m not too sure about it, but hey! It’s something to try. Mum seems up for it. We’ll see if we can get her an appointment this week. But listen… This yoga thing… I’m really liking it! So relaxing, yet awakening.

After chatting with others in the class, and the chat with the yoga instructor, I went to get breakfast for mother and me. From there, I went to pick her up for work. Once I dropped her off, I started setting plans in motion for the day.

Like my scarf? It's very necessary. Holds back my 1.2" of hair. ūüėÄ

I made it a BEACH DAAAYYY. Yeah, it’s “winter,” but this is THE BAHAMAAAAAS! Let’s beach it up! Truth be told, the water was COLD. Hahaha. Two of my cousins joined Babe and I in sitting on the rocks (I admit it… I’m the one who insisted on sitting on rocks when there’s lots of sand) on the beach. We chatted, read on nooks (ok, only one of my cousins did this… She’s reading the The Hunger Games every chance she gets which is really only when she has access to our nooks), ate chips, and waited for the sun to come out. It really didn’t. On the contrary, dark clouds rolled in. At some point, I looked around and noticed that everyone else left the beach. We were the last four. Hahaha. We decided to leave and go get DAIQUIRIIIIIIIS!

On the way, I stopped to a book store. I’ve been searching for a good planner for months. I wanted needed one with space for notes on each day. This way, I could write in competitions (deadlines) as well as plan out (set deadlines for) my drafts. Of course, this also required one of those pens with 4 colours, so I got one of those too. Annnd a whiteboard to keep me on track at home, and extra dry erase markers. And little post-its. Yes. I am a stationary and school supply junkie. And I like being organized. I finally feel like this writing life is coming together. YAY, me! YAY, writing! All I need to do now is set up my writing corner, and order this. (Please feel free to suggest similar products. I’m not finding anything to even compare this thing with.) I’m excited about this.

Skip ahead to Sunday night. I haven’t watched the Grammy Awards in YEARS. I used to like it a lot, but in the past 10 years or so, it has just gone down. The show just sucks. BUT. The death of Whitney Houston and talk of tributes made me want to watch it. AND I wanted to see my girl, ADELE, take home all those well-deserved Grammys. Babe and I don’t have cable, so I called my sister to see if it would be okay for us to watch it there. Before I even got all of the words out of my mouth, she said she WILL be watching and that we should come over. She even said she had snacks, and she would buy wine if we wanted. I told her no, we’ll drink VitaMalt (which she always has) and eat popcorn. When Babe and I got there, both my sisters were there, my older brother, and two cousins (one was on the beach w/ us the day before). My niece was in the room doing homework, but she eventually came in the living room to watch with us. We had a nice little Grammy watching party. The end of my weekend.

Today has been good. I’ve been feeling good. It helped that this song¬†(best part is the horns, and then :38 onward)¬†played on my iPod this morning. *dances like in a basement dance party in the heart of Jamaica, swinging imaginary dreadlocks* Great energy for a Monday. WOO!

OH! Can’t forget that my dad brought me stuff from Miami. Running clooothes! WOO! And my nook cover (which I didn’t get yet). And Ma brought me stuff too. Pictures later. Maybe tomorrow, maybe Wednesday.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting? What kind of start did your week get off to?


Comments on: "Weekend Recap" (4)

  1. Wow! Fun idea, beach. I haven’t been on any for swimming except in Hawaii. I’ve been on other beaches but just walking (usually due to it being winter and they are not tropical places!).

    I’ve heard of the Neo from nanowrimo through the years. I had a word processor years ago (like YEARS, decades!) and it helped with writing. When I didn’t have access to a computer.

    • I LOVE the beach. It has to be my FAVOURITE place. Even if it’s winter. I like to just lay on a towel/blanket with a good book, a notebook, or nothing at all. And just take it in. The smell and sound of the ocean are amazing.

      Oh, you have?! Not many people seem to know anything about it. Maybe I’ll look around the nano site and see if anyone talks about it or anything like it.

  2. Love your scarf! Love beach days! Love my internet lova! Yay!

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