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I’m Thankful

It’s Thursday. You know what that means!

Today, I’m thankful for:

  • Improved water consumption *taps self on back*
  • Wine Dinner this weekend!
  • Awesome bloggers sharing their stories, inspiring and encouraging others, kind comments, etc.
  • Good books to read. Currently reading Still Alice
  • Nice reminder I just got to review a book and post it here
  • Character Development – It is SO helpful. I spent an hour last night, getting to know the characters of the novel I’ll be writing (and re-writing) over the next few months, and the novel is really taking shape in my head. The plot has thickened, just from that exercise. And I’m not done yet! So exciting!
  • Lots to do. I THRIVE on this. I love being busy, and being able to change it (what I’m doing at any given time) up as needed
  • Running. I am seriously BACK. On Saturday morning, I went for a solo run. Clocked my best mile! WOO! Went out again on Tuesday evening. Did 1.5 miles, and almost ran the whole way. I am making progress, and building up endurance. This is GREAT. I feel SO GOOD about it. It helps that running is a sort of therapy for me.
  • Yoga on Saturday with my mum. It’s been recommended by her doctor. I hate yoga, really. Ok, so I’ve only taken one class. It sucked. Scarred me. But I’m gonna give it another shot, just for my mama.
  • Dad is going to the US in a few days. This means I can get stuff! I want a pair of running capris, tanks, a long sleeve top (that matches my Vibrams, hehehehe), and a hydration belt. I’m also gonna get him to mail a bunch of Christmas cards I wrote up from 2010. LOL. And some tea for friends. 🙂
  • Finding that positive, happy place… In ME.
  • My innate ability to turn things on and shut things off in seconds. You probably don’t understand this, and that’s okay. 🙂

    Another one from Tim Coffey


Link up to Thankful Thursday if you like!

Take some time, today, to be thankful. Look at all that’s around you, and all that’s INSIDE you. Embrace all that is good. And be thankful! Feel free to share what you’re thankful for in the comments.

Comments on: "I’m Thankful" (7)

  1. I love to see people celebrating theHappy!

  2. So happy you’ve found your happy place 🙂

    Always sending positive energy your way!

  3. Wine dinner? Is that were you just have wine for dinner? If so, I’m in! 🙂

    I love that, “One way to heal a painful experience is to create”. That is so true and one of the reasons that I began blogging. So glad that you are finding your happy place. We all need and deserve that.

    • Bahahahahaha. Just wine for dinner. How very, very bad. But sooo good! LOL.

      It’s a five course meal with wine at each one. 😀 ALMOST as bad as wine for dinner. Actually, it probably is. Wine for dinner, with a few tasty bites alongside.

      Check out Tim Coffey’s blog. He’s doing a flower series… Beautiful flowers with beautiful quotes. Most of them speak directly into my life.

      Have I told you lately that I love your blog, on your comments on mine?

      • Thank you! I will have to check his blog out. Enjoy your wine dinner, sounds like a lovely time.

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