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8 Things I Want for Christmas

Around October, I had quite the list of things that I wanted. The list has changed a bit since then. At this point, this is what I want for Christmas:

  • My grandmother out of the hospital, and living comfortably in her beloved humble abode with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren keeping her company and attending to her every need. I’d like her to breathe without labour or pain, and to laugh from the deepest part of her stomach at all of the silly jokes shared with her.
  • My mother able to function normally. She can now walk without a walker or a cane, but it would be great if she could do this for an extended period of time. If she could manage to sit with her mother (my grandmother) for as long as she likes without becoming exhausted and painful. I’d like her to be able to return to work without threat to her health. For MS to let her LIVE, not just breathe.
  • Family issues to be laid to rest. There are too many people holding too many grudges. One person pissed because the other person told people she was pregnant (when she was). One person insanely jealous of the other because of her success. Brothers and sisters in a silent war. Parents and children rarely speaking. I’d like it all to end. To be dropped. Life isn’t long enough.
  • Earrings. Oh, I didn’t warn you that this would get trivial, did I? Sorry. I want earrings. Nice, simple, but enough to offset my short-hairness.
  • My nail and brows done. This counts as one thing, right? I have really neglected myself recently. I remember when I used to get my brows done as needed. At one point, I got my nails done every 2 weeks or so. I stopped because I don’t particularly enjoy having them done, but they need manicuring. I need to step my game up.
  • A fully functional kitchen.  I think I would feel like I’m in heaven to have bakeware, a handmixer, baking ingredients, and (of course) gas for the stove/oven. All the supplies is a bit much right now, but the gas can probably happen next week. Haha.
  • Time. I don’t feel like I have enough of it. I have to choose what I do very carefully. Cook, eat, work, sleep, watch a movie, run, cycle, shop, make phone calls, visit people, socialize… I just can’t do it all. There are a few things that are taking so much time that I can barely do anything else. GAAAH!
  • To do something really awesome for Babe. I have a few things in mind with zero ideas as to how I will pull any of it off. I can’t talk about any of it here because she visits. Hehehe. I will probably have to call for back-up. In any event, I think I may be late in delivery. *Sighs*

Random question: Ever noticed how a LOT of Christmas songs sound really sad? Like funeral hymns? Or am I just really, really out of it this year?

Sidenote: Check out my post over at Wordshaker when you have some time. 🙂

What little wishes are in your heart today?


Comments on: "8 Things I Want for Christmas" (16)

  1. If I were Santa or a genie, these would have had all granted. Especially the first three.
    As for mine, I wish all the silent war within my family ends.

  2. Some crap is worth not dealing with family over — that’s not dealing, as in walk away. Some crap is just CRAP. Get over it already. Also, if it’s even “just crap” but a repeat offender? That’s okay to move away from, too.

    I think it’s fine to choose to no longer associate. I’ve been much “closer” with my aunt who shouldn’t be allowed in a room with anybody (different aunt than the one I mentioned lately–this one punches people without warning–she’s physically violent, nobody deserves having to put up with that for decades).

    I’m wishing you the best for your family, particularly with these health issues. Love who you can love while you can. The others? It’s okay to avoid, I think.

    • I agree with you. I am REALLY good at avoiding people I don’t like/care to be around. I do SO well.
      The odd thing for me is when two people I actually like have some random issue(s) with each other that they can’t seem to get over. You know when you feel like that only person who gets it? You’re the only one who understands both sides, and thinks it should just be squashed? Yeah… That’s me, most of the time. I manage to avoid direct conflict, but the indirect ish is crazy. It flies, crashes, and splatters everywhere. Either way, I don’t get too upset about it. I just wish it didn’t happen that way. Ya know?

      • Absolutely! For years (since we were kids and now they’re adults), Sis hated my friend Renée. Renée hated Sis. Why? Neither could explain it and there’s 2 people who had all this angst, couldn’t both be at the same function, our entire lives.

        And they can’t say “why.”

        • Sometimes people just need people to hate. Sometimes people get vibes off of people. (I’m one of those people.) Once you get a certain feeling, it’s hard to shake. If it CAN be shaken. I think it’s fine for people to choose not to associate with each other.
          That had to be weird for you though. Your sister and friend. Ugh. My sister has a friend I REALLY don’t like. I just have nothing to say when she’s around. She gets on my nerves. Lol.

  3. All of your Christmas wishes are well thought out and I wish them for you too!

    I’m with Madtante on the family issues thing and just walking away or distancing ourself from it sometimes. And yes, it seems ALL families can relate to this on some level at one point or the other. *sings* “You are not alone”.

    So… I’m looking fwd to you being in the kitchen LOTS next week once this gas is connected. THAT would be a “really awesome thing”!!

  4. theladyinredink said:

    It would be soooo nice for family drama to just end, even if only for a little bit. A sweet list–I’ll keep you in my thoughts and hope things turn out well. 🙂

  5. Wow, I love your Christmas list. I sooooooo hope you’re gonna get it all for Christmas! Serious!!! Everything’s possible right?! And then about the time thing… Share your time with me! I need some time too! 😛

  6. aquariusSoul said:

    what a list! all things are possible ya know!

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