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Thankful Thursday

These Thursdays are rollin’ around faster and faster every week! The days seem to go that way at this time of year. There doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to do everything that I THINK I need to do. Just as well. If I had all the time in the world, would I use it the way I THINK I should? I don’t know… ANYway… One thing is for sure. I will spend time, every Thursday, being thankful.

This week, I’m thankful for the following reasons:

  • Mother is out of the hospital. She’s able to move around as needed with the help of a walker. Hopefully, she’ll be able to get rid of it soon. Maybe walking by Christmas? We’ll see!
  • We have cool weather. It is not, by ANY means, cold. No matter how much people try to say that it is. It’s just cool. It’s perfect for cuddling on the couch with a little blanket, enjoying soup while watching movies, and sleeping with blankets (until morning starts to come and you need to toss everything off).
  • I have strength. Period.
  • I have reasonable health. I haven’t have any horrible effects of the severe iron-deficiency anemia I struggle with. I’ve been good about taking my supplements, eating red meat once per week (although I’m not a fan), and eating my daily apples. YAY, me!
  • We have transportation. It’s not pretty, but it’s been getting us around as needed.
  • Game night coming up. Some people I would’ve really liked to be there probably won’t make it, but it should be fun. There are still some very cool/fun/funny people who will be in attendance.
  • Babe maybe, possibly liked the soup I made last night. I was like, “Oh, well. She is not a fan.” All she said when she tasted it was, “It’s hot.” And she didn’t say it in a, “Hot DAYUM, girl, it is SO HAWT that you make kick-butt soup like this from scratch!” Just, the temperature is high. Gee, thanks, ENJOY! Lol. When she was done, she finally said something or other about it being good or whatever. Sheesh. Have I ever mentioned that I have severe kitchen/cooking issues? I get really annoyed when I’m outdone, or I end up making something that’s not praiseworthy. I’m used to ROCKING OUT in the kitchen, and people TAKING NOTICE. And NOTES where they can. LOL.
  • Things are picking up at work. Again. Yay!
  • I can finally start running again. I’ve been super fatigued by the whole hospitalization of my mother and other stuff that I’ve been getting up SUPER late, getting to work LATER, and just being exhausted by evening. This has meant no running for me. Well, no more of that crap! I’m getting back on the wagon! Tomorrow! For realz.
  • New orchid for our apartment. 🙂
  • Christmas prezzies from Babe. I know what one is, but the other? No idea. I’m excited. We’re not supposed to be doing the whole Christmas thing this year, but apparently, we are. Lol. Remember, we gifted ourselves a living room set. And we love it and use it a lot. I wonder what is in the wrapped box. A super small book? A box with a handwritten letter? A package of really tasty nuts? Tupperware? *shrugs* I don’t know. I don’t think it’s anything too fancy because, well, we have budgets. Budgets that were busted a long time ago. Hahahaha. Sooo… It’s a surpriiiiise! 😀
  • Started the Christmas stuff early. At least some people will have some things. I haven’t finished getting the stuff on my life for Babe. She may get the balance of things for New Year’s Day. Lol.
  • The most beautiful, amazing, loving GF in the worrrrrllllld (echoes). I get the warmest hugs, most soothing shoulder/back rubs, sweetest, softest kisses… Yeah. Love is good. Life is good.
  • You’re gonna “like” Ashley’s submission to help her win here.

Join Thankful Thursday!

What are you thankful for? Have there been any unexpected happies this week? Any improvements in your life? Share!


Comments on: "Thankful Thursday" (9)

  1. *SMT*, the soup was GREAT Alicia! I was anxious for it to be done, went back for seconds and was proud of the mere fact that i contributed by peeling the potatoes and carrots. (I though you might have picked up on just how much I liked it, but anyway, now it’s official and documented for the universe to see.)
    – Yay to your healthiness! (that’s hawt)
    – Was thinking about the running thing today. Gotta finally utilize the gym at work, no?
    – I’m thankful that I got to visit your Mom, and that she’s getting better – yayy!
    – I’m thankful for my you my lovely lady… plenny-plenny!!

    • For some reason, I almost typed, “YAYYY! Sex!” Really, I meant to type this: Yaaayyy! Success! Makes more sense, right?
      Work at gym – Yeah… But we’ve got the great outdoors! If we get up (or home) early enough, we can enjoy fresh air. Better than stale air in a little room. 🙂
      Yesss, I’m glad you saw her too. Forgot about that. *spanks self lightly*

  2. Definitely a GOOD Thankful Thursday!

    Although we’re really feeling “rained out,” our land (in MO) was severely droughted by the Death Valley-esque temps of summer (we can go years w/o hitting 100F and we stayed about 117F for TWO MONTHS). When you’re a naturally GREEN locale? The AG dept said over just 3 months, the soil was depleted of moisture 5 feet DOWN. Point is: I may not adore the constant pissing weather but I’m aware we *need* it (even if it’s puddled everywhere). Let it SINK DOWN, please! 🙂

  3. I hope your Mom is out of her walker before the Holidays! WIsh you the best!

  4. love this blog. yay happy things 😀

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