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I Need Movies to Watch

Last night, Babe and I watched the end of One Day. It only took us three nights to watch it from beginning to end. It started off okay. The end was just… I wasn’t interested any more. It got weird. Slow. Predictable. Unfortunate. I feel like it could have ended about 3 times before it actually did. Because we watched it over a 3 night period, all I remember about the movies was the never-endingness of it. I could never recommend it to anyone.

The movies we have (on the computer) now to watch are Alice in Wonderland (which we started last night) and Narnia. Alice in Wonderland is looking good so far. We don’t know what we’ll get next. What I REALLY wanna watch (f0r the 5th time) is Ira & Abby, but we can’t seem to find it to download. I like it so much that I think I’ll buy it on Amazon.com. It’s is just SO good and quirky and fun and funny. Like Dharma & Greg or something. It’s great. Babe wants me to watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Annie, and a few others that I’ve never watched. I know, I know. Totally lame that I’ve never watched Annie.

I reeeally like indie movies. Ira & Abby, Juno, Death at a Funeral (the British one), and a bunch of others that I can’t think of right now. When I lived in Halifax, I spent quite a bit of money at Video Difference, the local movie rental store. I think movies were like $5 for a week, and some of them were available for 2 weeks. They even had new releases, but only for 1 or 2 day rentals. I would go straight to the Independent section and spend forever trying to decide on the 4 or 5 movies I budgeted for. Such FUN! I also like drama and thrillers. I can’t deal with chick flicks. They’re just not my thing. Comdey… I like it dark. Or sarcastic. Jim Carrey’s brand of comedy only serves to piss me off. A lot. To drive this point home, let me say that I hate EVERY Jim Carrey movie (yes, even the non-comedies – he ruins them), and I hated The Hangover, Bridesmaids, and pretty much every other cheesy and/or stupid comedy ever.

Movies I liked:

So, 1/4 of my way through making this list, I asked Babe for help. She started tossing movie after movie at me. When she finally stopped, she asked, “Anything else you need to know about yourself?” Hahahaha. I said, “That’s all for now, thank you.” This woman! 🙂

Sidenote: If you’re on Facebook, please click this link and like my friend Ashley’s submission to a local art competition. She totally deserves to win! If it doesn’t work for you, you may need to like this page first, but I don’t think so. I, along with Ash, would appreciate your support by way of LIKES to WIN! 🙂

Do you know of any movies I may like? ESPECIALLY indie movies. Let me know!


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  1. I love movies! Some of my favorites are The Golden Compass,Little Miss Sunshine, The Last King of Scotland, The Last of the Mohicians, Chicago, and Funny Girl…Just to name a few 😉

    • Oh, yes! Little Miss Sunshine! I didn’t expect to, but I really liked that movie. Thanks for all of those suggestions. We’re gonna work on getting and watching them. 🙂
      I think I rented Chicago, but never got through it.

  2. I “liked” Ashley’s design on facebook!

    Some of my favorite movies are:
    Count of Monte Cristo
    Shawshank Redemption
    My Fair Lady
    The Notebook
    Citizen Kane
    Schindler’s List
    City of God
    Almost anything Russell Crowe

    • Yaaaaahs! Count of Monte Cristo was really good! I’m glad you got me to watch it. Shawshank Redemption has always been one of my favourites.

      What is Citizen Kane? How come we haven’t watched it together? I wanna watch City of God too. And Rain! I’ve only had your copy of the dvd from we were “just friends.” LOL.

  3. Paragraph Film Reviews said:

    I’d say try…

    In Bruges
    Together (Sweden)
    The Fall
    Love Me If You Dare (France)
    Welcome to the Dollhouse
    Only Human (Argentina)

    All indie-ish comedy-dramas!

    • I watched In Bruges. I DID enjoy that, actually! That gives me confidence that I’d like the others you posted. Thanks a lot. I’m adding them to the list. 🙂

  4. I have never even heard of this Ira & Abby flick but since you recommend it I will check it out! I really like movies that are a little different from the rest as well, some of my favourites are:

    Julie & Julia, its about cooking so of course I liked it!
    Penelope ( a little chick flickish but just a little)
    The Time Travellers Wife
    Anything by Tim Burton

    • I watched Julie & Julia on a long flight. It was good.
      I’ll check out the others. I believe GF has been trying to get me to watch The Time Traveller’s Wife for a while. I think I kept resisting because I couldn’t get past the first few pages of the book. Hahaha. Maybe I’ll give it a try. Thanks for those suggestions!

    • I really liked Julie & Julia – and I’m not so into cooking. The Julie character actually reminds me of Lici in some ways.

  5. Try Adventureland and Bandslam, both have an indie feel and I enjoyed them!

  6. I *love* that you mention Corrina, Corrina. I took Gram to see that at the THEATRE and I think have only seen it once more but I still QUOTE it all the time 🙂

    Not necessarily related but things I enjoyed that *maybe* you’d like cos some of ours crossed: Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead (not a happy film but I liked); Tree of Life (prepare for stuff you *may* not understand…I loved it but forgot about it til another WP-er just mentioned it made his head hurt; I think you *like* to think, so just realize it’s kinda “one of them”); Wit (depressing a FECK-all but good to watch once in your life–amazing performances and realistic). If you’re in the mood for GOOD writing but don’t mind it being dark stuff: Breaking Bad is the best flipping tv program ever. I don’t know if it has ended but I watched it all on DVD/ torrent. I highly recommend it to discerning viewers who also write fiction. The topics are so dark, it’s not great for the generic, bland viewer who wants to watch 31/2 men (or whatever that’s called).

    I wish I could recommend lighter fare but these are the things I don’t recommend to “just anybody.” You may hate them — and I don’t mind if you do! They’re things that I found thought-provoking or surprising compared to what I thought they’d be when I picked them up.

    • Corrina Corrina is one of my favourite movies EVER.

      Your suggestions look like they’re right up my ally. GF thinks we may have started to watch Tree of Life, and I got a few mins in before saying I just couldn’t do it. I don’t recall. Will try again. I do only give movies about 10 minutes to catch my attention. I’m impatient that way.

      • I’d say go with your gut. It’s a difficult film. It’s not meant to be easy to watch and if you didn’t like the vibe, it’s not going to “get better.” It’s that way all through.

    • Corina Corina is sooooo good. *adds to my list* I was a big Sister Act fan back in the day too.

    • Replying up here because comments only go 3 levels or something.
      Re: In Bruges – If I don’t get into it in 10 mins, I’ll abort the mission, now that you can confirm that it doesn’t get “better.”

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