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The nurses and PCTs (nurse assistants) took this cupcake (lit) to my mum, singing Happy Birthday This is the note they wrote on the whiteboard facing her bed.


Sister 1 brought a big birthday cake which we lit and sang Happy Birthday (with the lights off).


Sister + friend brought flowers and a basket that I hope to raid some time soon.


Brother 2 will make himself at home no matter where he goes.

 If you are only seeing two pictures and a bunch of jacked up captions, WP is being STUPID. I’ve tried a million times to do this post. I can’t put any more time or energy into this right now.

Comments on: "Wordless Wednesday: Hospital-ity" (8)

  1. I see 4 photos, hon!

    Love the Brother one, too funny!

    I’m sorry mum’s in hospital and all this BS but I’m happy her care-givers seem good (even if you’re earning the doctor’s way, instead of them earning their own–hurrumph!).

    Mum was in “prison” during a few holidays but not her bday (she wouldn’t have remembered anyway but still–it’s a drag, I reckon).

    • YAY! It finally worked. Sheesh.

      Yeah, Brother 2 is HILARIOUS. Mum said, “Well, he think he home, eh?”

      The nurses and PCTs are GREAT, really. Very nice to her. While I was there last evening, one of the PCTs called her (from home) to see how she was feeling (after working with her earlier that day).

      The doctor is quite good. He’s one of the best (if not the best) in the field of neurology here. He just REALLY pissed me off when he starting talking about discharging her. She can’t WALK! How is she going to get walking again without the therapy she’s been getting in hospital. Who does he think is going to be there to give her meals and get her to the bathroom?! We ALL have fulltime jobs. Sister 2 was saying she thinks she’ll do better at home. I told her if she knows who is going to be there 24/7 to deal with things, go ahead and agree. If not, shut up. *sighs* Ok, I guess I needed to say that. Haha.

  2. I see all 4 photos. The one of your brother is funny. Just like my brothers. 🙂

    That was very sweet and thoughtful of the staff to bring a cupcake to your mother. She must have been pleased to see them with the cupcake.

    • Hahaha. Yeah, he’s a big ball of funny. LOL.

      Yes, it was super nice of them. She really appreciated it. I’ve heard her tell the story at least 20 times in the past week. She won’t let them take it away. It’s still on the side table in her room. Every time someone tries to dump it, she says, “NO! That’s my birthday cake! Leave it. It makes me feel good!” 🙂

  3. The photo of the whiteboard is still missing. It said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” on one side, and “God loves you!” on the other. And there was a smiley face somewhere on it too.

  4. I hope your mom gets well soon!

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