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The Bus This Morning

Here are a few things that happened this morning on the bus:

  • Someone thought he was the lassst reggae all-star (Bob Marley reincarnate, maybe?), singing saying (in a dragging sort of way) the lyrics to conscious reggae songs quite loudly. I don’t understand why people do that. Why are you just slow-talking the song lyrics? Either sing it, or zip it!
  • A woman came on the bus, sat in the only seat that make the passenger face the rest of the passengers. Fine. Next, she proceeded to get dressed. She put on a shirt. Then, she switched seats. In her new seat (by the door of the bus), she spent a few minutes doing her hair. She was some sort of twisty thing where she took half of the (horse) hair (which was in fairly fine single braids) and would it around the ponyhorsetail. It had the look of when you use a bit of hair to wind around your ponytail holder to hide it. Except that it was a LOT of hair. Half the tail. It wasn’t cute.
  • When she was quite done with her hair, she switched seats again.
  • The same woman whipped out some lotion, and moisturized herself. I thought to myself, “Whatever. She can’t top the shirt thing. A lot of people probably put lotion on whenever they feel like it.” Well, she went beyond hands. She did her arms. Legs. FEET. SHE TOUCHED HER FEET. LOTIONED them. On the BUS. The PUBLIC bus. When I got over the initial shock, I laughed uncontrollably. I made about 4 attempts before I finally spoke choked in a way that Babe could understand what the heck was going on with me.
  • A student sat next to me. I noticed that her shirt was very dirty. I couldn’t understand it. Your hair is all gelled into place and the ends are all fanned out (because apparently, you, along with every other public school female student, think that looks fancy or something), but your shirt has brown marks on it. Let’s say you’re short on shirts for school… It’s TUESDAY. How is your shirt dirty?! I don’t get it.
  • A student was on the bus with her hair SO not done. It’s like she woke up, put on baby powder*, got dressed, and left the house. It was in two at the top. The left side was sort of like a bun?! and the right side was just out, like it fell out of the bun. The back was just… Death. It was just all gjrigjjhltghmkg. Ya know? Matted. Like it could be a few giant dreadlocks tomorrow.
  • The back row of the bus is like a couch. It seats 4 people. There were two adults back there, and one child. Another woman got on the bus and had to sit there with them. Babe and I just heard when she said, “Go over shorty! Lemme sit down. I need space!” It was SO funny. The child was unmoving until the adult told him to move over. And the way she said it was hilarious. I think I laughed for a good minute. (This is one of those things that’s waaayyy funnier if you witness it.)
  • A woman was driving.
  • It took OVER AN HOUR to get downtown this morning. Absolutely ridiculous. It never takes that long! Is this related to the previous point? I don’t know. That woman definitely is not the best bus driver on the island. In fact, she is probably among the worst.

*This is not a joke. Students (mostly those attending public schools) put baby powder on the chests and necks. You see their faces, and then WHITE. Seriously. Don’t ask me why. I have NO idea.

Well, that’s it for me today. I’m suuuper busy. Work, work, work! I’m not sure when things will calm down. Maybe on the weekend? I am REALLY going to post pictures of the Denmark goodies tomorrow, k?

Have you had any funny experiences today? Any funny stories from your public transportation experiences?


Comments on: "The Bus This Morning" (13)

  1. What a wonderful, vivid description of a situation in which most of the passengers were probably turning away and trying NOT to see! I commend you for your powers of observation and your writing about it, which took all of us into that bus with you.


    • Thanks, Lori! I was really hoping that I’d be able to describe it well enough for people to picture it and understand it. Some things are so culture- and country-specific.
      And you’re right! I bet a lot of people were trying to ignore it. I couldn’t help it, though I WAS looking very subtly (I think!). 🙂

  2. urgh, I haven’t catched the bus for YEARS.
    And someone putting their lotion on the BUS?!?! She must be mad….

    • Funny thing. I JUST started catching the bus in the middle of August. I HATE it. (I was fine with using public transit daily in a 1st world country, but it SUCKS here.) I’m hoping to end this bus crap before the end of the year.

  3. WOW. What an eventful bus ride.

  4. justrambling said:

    haha, that was really, really good! I loved it! I pictured the whole thing and as I read it, I went, ‘no way…that’s just wrong!’ and ‘gosh…sick!’ soooo funny!

    The baby powder thing is soooo weird, haha, they do it in Curacao too. Powder everywhere! It’s like, hey… I see a ghost. And then when you get closer, you find out it’s your friend who showered and used some powder. That is IF you befriend baby powder people…

    • Hahahaha. You were kinda there, it seems. I’m glad you got to experience the INSANITY!

      Seriously?! They do the baby powder thing somewhere else?! Curacao, I thought better of you!

  5. Great observations! The public transit offers some of the best opportunities to people watch 🙂

  6. I bet it’s like this everyday, only different stuff! When I rode public transport, read or pretended to nap (long ride) cos I did NOT want to interact, which is normally odd for me. I talk to everybody in queues but not “on the bus.”

    • The people who ride the bus here are generally raggamuffin, poor people, blue collar workers, criminals, etc. That’s a huge generalization, I admit. There are some people who simply can’t afford a car, or got stuck, or don’t have parents/guardians to cart them around everywhere. The whole experience is horrible for me. I really hate it. I feel like I can be robbed at any moment. Quick story: My cousin had someone sit next to him on the bus, rest a gun on his lap, and tell him to give up his iPod, cellphone, money, etc. My cousin complied. When he attempted to get off the bus, the guy told him, “No. You get off when *I* get off.” Seriously. That’s crazy. Anyway, I don’t talk to randoms on the bus. I don’t welcome conversation in any way. I turn my body completely away from people, and sit as by-myself-and-to-myself as possible.

      • That’s very scary. Sounds like my hs experience but there were rarely guns (there WERE, however, guns). Newsweek did an article on my hs (way back then) because they did this study of badly-ranked high schools across the US. We were worse than all inner-city for violent crime, etc. I talk about it a lot because well, nobody can understand unless they grew up similarly and anybody I know (including poor, inner-city) weren’t as BAD as mine was! Anyway, it’s something to have survived!

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