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Hella Good!

Quick post here, quick post there. I know that’s the way it’s been lately. I’m really not trying to treat you like a stepchild. I’m not. It’s just so KAH-RAY-ZEH all the time now! I love it!


Sing with me now. “Ya got me feelin’ hella good, so let’s just keeeep on dancinnn’. Ya hold me like ya should, so I’m gone keeeep on dancinnn’!” Shake those booties. LEMME SEE THOSE BOOTIES IN THE AIR!

Okay… *sips water* I’m calm now. Here are a few quick things I wanna share with ya:

  • The time change has ruined my life. Okay, not really. But it DOES suck really, really bad. I hate it. Why the frig does the time keep changing anyway?! Who came up with that stupid idea? It sucks. Now it’s super effing dark when I get home in the evening. Know what that means? Very little gets done. I can’t go out and run. My eyes trick the rest of my body into being tired so I don’t get much writing done. Or cleaning. Or cooking. Or whatever.
  • I have a lot of writing to do. A LOT. NaNoWriMo is still kicking my butt. I need to give’er! I ONLY wrote on Sunday. That’s IT. SUNDAY. Pathetic! I have to catch up by the weekend, or it just won’t make any sense. I also have a short story to work on for a competition. I stopped at about 1900 words. It’s supposed to be 2,000-5,000 words. It’s looking like it’ll be closer to the 5,000. The story is pretty good, though I’m not quite sure which way I’m going with it. I’m confident that it will be done by the weekend. Then, I’ll toss it aside for a few days before I get to editing. I feel quite confident that the story itself (so far) is good. I’m just not convinced that it’s a WINNER. It needs to be a WINNER. Ya dig?
  • I’m off track with running. I’m not sure what I should do. It is REALLY too dark to run at night. It’s be too dark to go in the morning as well since I have to leave home so blasted early to get two buses to work. I need to get a car soooon. My life needs to get back on track.
  • Super excited about a Wine Dinner with Babe on the weekend. Our friend Vanessa is coming with us. We may pick up a stray or two to sit at our table. There’s a slight savings for tables of 4 or more. Either way, we’ll be there, and we will LOVE it. I’ll post the menu later.
  • I still love my job. It’s so great. My office is great. The people in the building are really nice, and always seem to be in a good mood. If they have problems, they obviously leave them at home. I like it!
  • Christmas is coming, fast and furious. We have less than two months to go, people! I don’t know if Babe and I are going to do the whole decorating thing. I hope so. I really like having a tree, and at least SMELLING Christmas. If we’re gonna do it, we should get on it soon. I’d like to order our hanging ball decorations for the tree within the next 7 days so they get here in time. Also, two places are having sales until Saturday. We need to get what we need to get while those sales are going on. I’ll see what I can do about getting a car for our errands. I’m anxious to get my shopping done. Online, online, online. Like I said, Dec. 1, I plan to be DONE. It even rhymes. I’ll be DONE on December ONE. Yep!
  • I went through a gazillion (read: a dozen… and a half) websites and copied, pasted, and emailed writing contest info to Babe. That way, it can get copied and pasted into Pages on zee MacBook, and I can access it at home. I’m really getting into this writing thing, y’all. It’s like, something was laying dormant in me for ages. All of a sudden, Babe gives me a few little talks, and I’m doing NaNoWriMo again, I’m writing a short story, and I’m thinking about all of the other stories I’ll be writing over the next few weeks. It’s fun! Did I forget how much I love writing?! I think I did… Anyway, I’m back in the saddle. YEEEE-HAAAAAWWWWW!

Well, there are just a few minutes left in my work day. I FINALLY got my delivery of office supplies, and this place needs some organizing and putting together. I also need to water my beautiful orchid. Even at the end of the day, things, things, things to do. I love it! I’m such a busybody. Hahahaha.

Hope your week is going SUPERRRRRRR!

Do you have any fun plans for your weekend yet? Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? Is there anything you gave up for a while, and need/want to get back into? What lights up your life? TALK TO ME!

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  1. Oh man. I had a super long weekend, and totally bummed it’s over! Your orchid sounds beautiful. I want some sort of flower/plant for my house, but I’m not sure what I wouldn’t kill. Haha.

    • Ahhh! Long weekend. I wonder when the next one is. Probably not until Christmas for me.
      Try an orchid! They’re beauuutiful. Apparently, they don’t need much. Just a tad bit of light, and water once per week.
      When I was at the plant shop last week, I saw the coolest palm. It’s called a ponytail palm. Look it up. I think those are easy too.
      OH! And there’s a cool thing called grow bottles. You can grow plants in bottles, and paper bags. It’s supposed to be fool-proof. Definitely look into that!

  2. Wow lots going on! Good luck with NaNo!

  3. I don’t really have time to talk but I’m excessively happy for anybody a) employed and b) loving their workplace.

    I need a different job as this one BLOWS (over 15.5 years here) but I’m one of the lucky walking wounded to still be employed in an area with over 20% unemployment. It’s not like I can easily find another job yet probably anything would pay better at this point (they’ve cut MORE than 33% of my income out over the past 4 years). It’s scary. If I had a way to move to another state to “try” the job hunt there, I would at this point but I don’t. And moving to another state to live on the streets doesn’t sound like a workable plan.

    • Oh, man. There’s nothing like hating your job. I’ve been there. A Few times. I feel like it took me forever to be where I wanna be. Non-profit is definitely my place. At least until I do the whole wife-mother thing, and spend my time cooking, cleaning, blogging, writing short stories, and taking my pictures. I kinda wanna do that stuff too, but time and circumstance doesn’t allow it. I figure everything in its time.

      Ugh. I really feel your pain. I hope something magical happens to make things better. Too much time is spent at work to not like it, let alone hate it. Sending positive vibes your way!

      • TY! At the beginning of the year, I reached out to non-profits. I’m no where near them (physically, I’m an hour each way from my crap job, which is the closest “civilization” to where I live) but figured VOLUNTEERING was a great way in.

        Unfortunately, the ones I’m interested in (mostly with aging) either REFUSED help (“We’ve got enough”) or could only use somebody during my work hours. I cannot believe either of those points! But there you go. I spent about 6 weeks making rounds, getting the same responses. Maybe that’s not the field I should be in, maybe the Universe has a better plan I just haven’t seen yet.

  4. Ooooh how exciting, good luck with your story! :)x

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