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Happy Monday!

Happy Mon-dizzle!

Hope your week is off to a great start.

Before I get too deep into this Monday post, let me remind you of my post on Wordshaker. It’s a part of last week’s theme of “Embarrassing Stories.” Ch-ch-check-check-check it ooout! Read it here.

I freaking LOVE Mondays. I believe I’ve mentioned that before. I enjoy fresh starts. People get all hyped up about new years. I get hype for a new week. I love that I get to start over. Make my to-do lists, plan the next few days, strategize… Find way to do better. Be better. And of course, I just looove to challenge myself.

This morning, in my blog reading, I found the perfect post to start my week. I’m so hard on myself sometimes. I mean, I make light of things. I laugh things off. But really… I don’t give myself enough credit. I lament about not having any talents, and not being artistic, and all this crap. Forget that! This week, I’m gonna give myself credit. I’m not going to just take note of the things I’m lacking. I’m gonna count the things I have. I’m going to notice the good in me. And you should too!

Here’s the post (by The Naked Mom):

Often times, we are our own worst enemy.  Societally speaking, a fine line has been created between accepting and admitting our gifts and talents AND being conceited.

While, it is true arrogantly boasting about your talents is an unattractive quality, to say the least….we need to be cautious in not diminishing our personal gifts and worth by not recognizing them in ourselves.

If we are debilitated in the discernment of our gifts, not only do we extinguish ourselves, but we also neglect to illuminate the lives of others in an enriching way.  If we barrage ourselves with negative talk depreciating our own worth and value, then we leave ourselves ineffectual.

Some of our “personal tapes” of self-hatred are so embedded and ingrained deep within our psyche that we fail to even identify them , much less understand the power of their imprisonment upon our lives.

This is not to say we should all run around announcing to the world how great we are….how unbeliavably fantastic and awesome we are….it is not about superiority, nor is about inferiority….it is simply about being openly aware of the goodness that resides in you, the gifts…uniquely yours….to embroider yourself with the gifts of others.

Sidenote:  Talents and gifts are often thought of in terms of grandiose measure….a best selling author, reaching millions with their knowledge, a person in a position of power etc, and sadly this truth only aids in the demise of individual worth.  A gift could be whipping together a meal by which great conversation happens, it could be your way with words, your listening ear….the list goes on.

Recognize your gifts….the value of yourself.

This week jot down 3 positive things about yourself….3 attributes that enhance the lives of the people around you.  Ask a friend, if you are really frozen.

After writing down your 3 things….brainstorm and write down ways which you can use those attributes more often.

Post it in a place you see everyday to remain cognizantly aware of your worth, while putting forth a greater effort in employing your gifts.

Be easy on yourself and speak to yourself in kindness.

Enjoy your day!


Comments on: "Happy Monday!" (10)

  1. Thanks for stopping by and giving me a plug. Let me know how you do with the challenge. You are not alone…we all, especially women seem to concentrate on our negative crap, rather than our positive. Imagine our lives and possibilities, however if we tapped into our own resources! Good Luck and thanks for writing!

    • No problem. I really, really appreciate that post, and I couldn’t fail to share it with others. You’re so right about what you said. We need to intentionally be see the good in ourselves.

    • Gosh! I’m a fan of Lici and now a fan of yours! You are both really great bloggers~

  2. I love her post! Thanks for posting it.
    Also, I love that you love Mondays. Another thing to love about you! 😛

  3. ProjectOptimism said:

    I love your blog so much. I have kind of been failing at mine. I feel like I limited myself by making it all about optimism. I should have just made it about me, like yours! Think it’s too late to change it?

    • Awww! Thanks! 🙂
      It is most definitely NOT too late. It’s YOUR blog, and you can do whatever you want. I’d change it, and make Optimism a category, or even it’s own page, and post about it whenever. Just because it’s your main focus doesn’t mean you can’t blog about other things. Make it your own. 🙂

      • Thanks! I moved it to “thoughtsinwordform.wordpress.com” if you want to follow me there!

  4. mondays are my worst day of the week (yet it’s the day I’m most productive, ironically!!). It’s kinda cool that someone is so enthusiastic (spelling?!) about the least-loved day of the week.

    Thanks again for appearing on Wordshaker – I hope that I can get you to appear on the site more! 🙂


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