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It’s Sunday and, as usual, we’re at my great-grandmother’s for FamJam. She’s the biggest Anglican to ever walk this earth. Lucky for us (not), a special service is being televised. It’s the 150th anniversary of the Anglican Diocese and the City of Nassau. What does that mean? *shrugs* Something to do with the cathedral being built, and naming this place a city. A pretty big deal, I guess.

This service has been on since 3pm. It’s now 5:50 and the recessional hymn is just being raised. They’re marching to downtown Nassau, and people… Let me tell you… It is dark. Time changed last night, and not in the favour of people who have things to do after 5pm.

Wait… There’s more. The service actually isn’t over. Once they march downtown, the service continues. The camera just cut to Rawson Square (main staging area for pretty much every event downtown), and there are chairs set up. Lots of them. Luckily, my brother is done with laundry. Once we load up the car, we’re out of here.

I already got the you-need-to-get-back-into-church suggestion. *sighs* Yes, Ma. I’m sure you think so. I got a new religion, and you don’t wanna hear about. Lol.

Ma is now telling me that the weather is changing now, and it’s time to cover up my body. Well, that’s my cue! It’s time to pack up.

Have you ever been stuck in an unwelcome conversation? What tv shows have you sat through just to be polite? What do you do when someone starts a conversation, and your only options are to pretend not to hear, blatantly ignore, or break the person’s heart/spirit with real answers?


Comments on: "Stuck Watching a Church Service" (4)

  1. I’m never a fan of church services. When I’m at my uncle’s place and it’s Sunday I have no choice but to wake up early to hear the mass with them. So, I try not to go to his place at the weekend.

    • Oh, good times. Weekly church services. Mind you, I’m not against a little bit of inspiration. I like a little Joyce Meyer or Joel Osteen in the morning. I just don’t want to deal with the long services with drawn out singing and repetition of the same prayers over and over again.

  2. urgh, that sucks. My mam’s a churchgoer, and she makes us watch Songs of Praise – and I HATE that program!!!!


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