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Thankful Thursday

This week, I’m thankful for:

  • Babe being back home
  • Good food
  • Electricity bills that don’t make me want to live in the dark
  • Cool ideas (E.g. Getting a turtle and orchid to brighten up my office, freestyle writing plans, decorating our home in ways that don’t send us to the bank or the poor house)
  • Running – It adds a little something to my life that I like.
  • Lunch delivery at work
  • My glasses, even though I accidentally wore them all the way home from work on Monday and they’ve stayed there all week (This is me thinking positively. I HAVE glasses.)
  • Online shopping – I wouldn’t survive if I had to physically do it. Christmas shopping has begun, and I WILL be done by December 1.
  • Prezzies Babe brought from Denmark (Pictures to come)
  • NaNoWriMo + Short Story Competition… For forcing me (nicely) to get back to it. I have a golden idea for my novel. The execution, however… No telling how it will go. I mean, I AM writing it in 3o days (LESS, really, since I haven’t STARTED yet. Shame on me, I know). This is going to be interesting. I really just don’t want to screw up a great idea so badly that I don’t want to do it anymore when it’s time to edit. Anyway, I’m glad (thankful) that I’m taking the chance. Short Story Competition… I have an interesting idea I’m going with. With finesse and effort, it should be really good. Winning this thing is an unlikely, but welcome, result.
  • Fruit! We’re making smoothies tonight. Don’t ask me how or at what hour since we have a LOT to do tonight…
  • Stairs at work. I can walk or run them whenever I get too stiff or tired of sitting in one place. Annnd makes me feel not-so-bad about the evenings I just can’t run.
  • Cooler weather – Less heat, more snuggles, sweaters + scarfs! *goes to toss sweaters and scarfs in virtual shopping cart*
  • Time change coming up. Morning runs also coming up?! We’ll see!

What are you thankful for this week? Have you started your Christmas shopping? Online shopping, or physical shopping?


Comments on: "Thankful Thursday" (7)

  1. Ariel Price said:

    Such a great idea to post weekly the things you’re thankful for! We definitely don’t reflect on this enough. Good luck on your nanowrimo project and running!

  2. I am in total Christmas avoidance! :Px

    • Hahahaha. Not for long. Soon, lights and decorations, and red and white sale signs will surround you. Your favourite coffee shop will serve your specialy drink in cups with snowflakes and snowmen on them. And the music… It will drive you insane, hearing Mariah Carey’s Christmas album from start to finish every day. BEWARE!

  3. Good choices! Not started it yet, don’t want to get stick of Xmas too early 🙂

    • 🙂
      I’m not really into it right now. I just want my shopping done, with gifts in the closet, ready to to be wrapped. I don’t deal well with rushes like the one that happens around mid-December. Lol. The thing that really makes me sick of Christmas is the blasted music. I can only handle about a week of it.

  4. I do a lot of online shopping now that I live in Alaska (except when they charge an arm and a leg for shipping) since we don’t have a lot of options.

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