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Taken from a FB post

Comments on: "Wordless Wednesday: Travelling Glamour Girl" (8)

  1. Julia (AKA Jules) said:

    hah! That made me laugh! I hate airports…..


    • Hahahaha. I don’t mind airports so much. I just don’t enjoy long lines. Or stripping and having my bag rummaged through… I mean, all to go to some other place and spend some money. LET US LIVE, airport people. Let.us.LIVE.

      • Julia (AKA Jules) said:

        SNAP!! And having to be searched after going thru those machines and all it was that made it go off was your underwired bra / your fillings!!! SO ANNOYING!

        Thankfully, our local airport now have those body scanners. Should be exciting…. not! :/

  2. Yes!
    Is that the machine where you stand (possibly sideways) with your arms up, hands touching? It feels so silly, but I haven’t had problems with that type of machine so far.

  3. Bahahaha this amused me way too much.

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