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Source: The Oatmeal – Pretty hilarious stuff.


Comments on: "The Joys of Helping Friends Move" (6)

  1. haha! 100lb boxes of Dean Koontz novels- I love it

  2. bahaha. so true and oh so funny.
    ps: sooo i have a question for you. you know the versatile blogger thingy award you so wonderfully graced me with? i was thinking i could turn that into a video blog! for my take ten tuesday? so kind of like 7+3 more. haha. anyway you would wanna write me a list of questions to answer? you’re always so creative and fun so thought i’d ask, but if you’re super busy i totalllyyy understand, because this is pretty last minute.
    okay. done rambling now. đŸ˜›

  3. hahaha…. Sooo… who wants to help me move next month…?

    This made me giggle because we are in fact moving next month and I was just thinking who I know with a truck I can bribe into helping us. But we are only on the second floor… with cheap hand me down furniture that may or may not fall apart. And I promise to have everything packed ahead of time…. (and I threw that troll collection out when I turned 15…)


    • Aaaaahahahahahahaha. TOO funny. You should definitely send this as an attachment to your potential helpers.
      You THREW OUT your TROLL COLLECTION?!?!?! Big mistake. BIG. MISTAKE.

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