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Bananarama – A Frozen Treat

The-Bananarama.jpg – StumbleUpon.

Another great picture-recipe with funny little notes. This time, it’s for frozen banana-peanut butter goodness. You can thank me later.

Comments on: "Bananarama – A Frozen Treat" (5)

  1. Oh my freakin goodness!!! That looks super yummy~ We’re gonna have to give that a try sometime soon! REAL SOON!!!

    • And by “we,” you do mean you+me, right? Like, whenever you make it, you’ll invite me over for a scoop and a half? My coming over would involve travel, so try to plan it a little in advance, k? And thanks for thinking of me. đŸ™‚

  2. ROFL! What about me!? lool Did you add me to Pinterest??

    • You’re my plus-one, of course! Pick your chocolate-banana-treat-eating-dress, lady!
      Pinterest – No. I didn’t sign up because it was trying to force me to link it to my Facebook account, and FB is getting too weird and personal, so I didn’t feel comfortable doing it. đŸ˜¦

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