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Playlist for Babe

Day 24 – Make a playlist to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs.

A playlist for My Baaaabe! 🙂


Look At Me Now – Karmin (Cover)

Because from the moment I saw this online, I loved it, and I kneeew you would too. I knew you would get all excited about it, and we would love it together.


Stereo Love – Edward Maya feat. Vika Jigulina

Because this song played pretty much every time I was ever at your place.


Wavin’ Flag – K’naan feat. will.i.am, David Guetta

Because every time I hear it, I hear you singing it, putting that “magic” special spin on it.


Power – Kanye West

Because one of the first times we went out, when I took you back to your place, you insisted that I had to see this video. We talked about this song in depth on the car ride to your place. It was hilarious. Annnd I know you still don’t remember that night.


Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars

Because you are the most effortlessly beautiful person. Period. I really could kiss your lips all day, and I DO love your laugh… Your eyes do put the stars to shame… Perfection is what you are. Perfect to me. And for me. You’re amazing.


Only Girl – Rihanna

Because this is this way I want to feel forever. The way I want it to be. The only one.


Love You Like A Love Song – Selena Gomez

I heard this on the radio, and immediately had to look up the lyrics. I really only heard the chorus, and thought, THIS. IS. MY. LIFE. I love you like a love song. And I really do keep hitting repe-pe-pe-pe-peat.


Firework – Katy Perry

Because, clearly, you are. And there should never be a minute that you don’t remember it.


Forever and For Always – Shania Twain

Because it’s our song. The one that makes us feel like jelly. And get all hair-raised and prickly feeling. And smiling from the inside out. Because it’s your song to me, and my song to you.


Pretty Baby – Vanessa Carlton

This song make me smile every single time I hear it. Just like you make me smile every single time I see you. And this is one of the first songs you ever sang to me. On Skype. Sweetest thing ever.


Words – Anthony David feat. India Arie

Because it’s everything I feel in so many moments with you.


Cuppycake – Amy Castle

Because. You. Are. Sooo dearrr! 🙂

Comments on: "Playlist for Babe" (2)

  1. Wow!!! What a playlist! 😉

    I thought it would be fun to add another video to the playlist… 😛 You know, just to show you how the cycling in the Netherlands is, haha: http://youtu.be/n-AbPav5E5M

    Oh and I’m kind of proud of me…I cycled like 20 miles yesterday, 1hr and 45min straight!!!! HIGH FIVE RUTHIIIEEEE!!! Yay!

    • 20 MILES?! WOWZAAAAAH! Gooo, Ruthie, GOOOOO! That’s a long way. It used to take me 15-20 minutes to get work, and about 15 minutes to get back. I just moved, and I’m right by a highway, so I’m trying to figure out how to get to work WITHOUT getting killed on the highway, but still riding my bike. It’s the first week of school, so traffic is crazy. I’ll probably wait a week or two before making the attempt. We have NO bike lanes and drivers aren’t especially courtesy, particularly during rush HOURS (not hour). Hahaha.
      That video – Awesommme! I wish we could bike like that here in Nassau! Oh, man. I’d LOVE it. I’m jealous. We’re gonna have to switch countries sooner than we though, k?

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