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Time to Move!


It’s moving day! Babe and I are up nice and early. We haven’t packed. At all. We’re so funny. And living-on-the-edge-ish. And cool. And so totally laid back. It would have made sense for me to go my apartment to at least pack my things up last night, but no. I decided that I’d much rather be at Babe’s place. Because the lifetime together ahead of us clearly would not be enough. The one night would make a difference. Good call, right?

My plan is to ride to my old apartment very shortly. With a bag of bags on my back. I’ll stop to the pharmacy on the way and pick up a pack of garbage bag. I will toss everything (that makes sense) into garbage bags. Clothes, towels, sheets. All that stuff. I made no effort to get boxes. I thought of it, but the follow-through wasn’t there. See how cool and confident I am? And laid back? Yeah, that’s me. (No, not really.) The pots, pans, and dishes… I don’t really know what I’m doing about them. I’ll probably buy a newspaper or two at the pharmacy to wrap up the dishes. There’s no furniture to be moved from my place. It should be fairly simple to get every bagged. The only fairly hefty/large items I have are my mini-trampoline and television. Easy-peasy!

I guess while I’m at the old place, Babe will be packing up her place. She’s really just got clothes and a few kitchen items too. And grocery. No biggie! See how much striiiiide I’m taking this whole thing in? Yeah. I meditated this morning. ZEN. BLISS. SERENITY. I’m fine. We’re moving. It will happen. It’s no big deal.

How are we moving these things, you ask? We don’t know. I asked my cousin to borrow his work truck and an employee of his to serve as a driver (and lifter). They recently sold their huge building and moved to a smaller place. They were supposed to be out by August 31. Well, they fell behind in the moving. Sooo, yeah. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I may have to call for backup. Remember that guy who helped me out right after my cellphone was stolen? He gave me his card, and I saw that he has a trucking service. Maybe he can help us out. I tried calling yesterday, but the cellphone service here has been terrible over the past few days. Ugh. Wish us luck with this stuff!


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