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Missed Opportunity

Day 23: Something you wish you had done in your life.

There are lots of things I’d still like to do. Some of those things are on my good ol’ Life List. Since I have more life left, anything I wish I had done would have to be something I could no longer do, right? Hmmm… I guess I wish I took a grad picture. I procrastinated and procrastinated until I just didn’t care. I figured it didn’t really make a difference whether or not my picture is in the yearbook in the grad section, and I certainly didn’t need to share pictures with family. I had a camera. We could just take pictures at the graduation or whatever. Who cares? The degree is enough.

Actually, now that I think about it, I wish I’d continued in the valedictorian speech competition. Based on the speech the ended up being given at the convocation, I would have kicked butt. Badly. I made it to the final round, but didn’t get there in time for my appointment to deliver the speech to the judges. I was on my way to the bus stop when an older lady fell. She slipped on ice. I made the judgement call quickly. I stayed with her and called for help. By the time that I was able to leave, the bus was gone. I waited for the next one, went to the room I was supposed to go to, and it was too late. I could have pulled rank, called in a few favours, and got to do it, but I didn’t. I was already tired, and figured the judges would be a bit biased against me anyway. I should have pushed to do it anyway. Then, I would have done my part, and it would have been in their hands. Oh, well. Such is life. All focus on the road ahead.


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