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All Summer Long

Ahhh, summer. I remember when you used to be a break. Now, you’re just a season. You come, and you go. And it’s all just the same.



Comments on: "All Summer Long" (7)

  1. Yeah, summer messed up. Summer should be a break. But then to be honest, summer never came to visit me this “summer”.
    We’ve had rain aaaall summer… 😛

  2. REALLY?! Ugh. I mean, rain is nice and all, but… REALLY?! All summer long? Wow.
    I wish I was able to take advantage of the sun/heat we got, but I’m stuck in a windowless office for the better part of the day. I’m ashamed to even think of the few times I made it to the beach. Maybe we should have switched homes for the summer. The rain would’ve been fine for me, indoors. Lol.

    • Switched homes???? Switched homes???? That’d be really really cool!!!! 😛
      I say ‘yay’! Hahaha.
      Does suck that you’re stuck in the windowless office… :-/
      When we do the switched homes thing let’s not do the switched job thing, OK? 😛

  3. Love this song! I think Ruthie should share the rain haha.

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