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Sushi Surprise

My brother is awesome. He’s 4 years younger than me, and a lot of time, you’d think he’s 4 years older than me. He takes such good care of his big sister. He looks out for me like an older brother would. Or like a dad. He definitely gets that from our dad. The protector. There’s really nothing that he denies me when it’s in his power. Of course, I treat him the same way, but I’m supposed to. I mean I want to as well, but I’m the older one. I guess it’s give and take. We give to each other as needed, and we take turns being the big, bad (but good), protective, problem-solving sibling.

I had a bit of a rough week. Things didn’t really go as well as I’d hoped or expected. Bad things happened, good things I expected sort of fell through. I ended up a bit out of sorts. When I needed to talk to someone about what was going on, he answered the call. He listened, commented, made me laugh, laughed with me, and we both kind of concluded that life sort of snowballs people sometimes. At one point, he said, “Boyyy, life really ain’ playin’ wit’ you!” We had a good laugh.

On Thursday, I needed a ride from work. Mum was able to get me, but she needed to be to work 2.5 hours later, so she took me home (to my grandmother’s) with her, and I waited for her to be ready for work. Then, she’d drop me off before going to work. Well, my brother and one of our sisters met up at Grams’. He said he could take me home. Mum sent us out to get some Krazy Glue, so I took the opportunity to pick up a cabbage and some corn to complete a meal. (I’ll blog on that next week.) After the quick errand, he took me home.

He did some laundry for me on Sunday. A few pairs of jeans, one or two shirts, and towels. He had been riding around with the clean stuff in his car, waiting to see me. I definitely forgot them in his car. It was probably about 9pm when I realized this. I was on Skype with Babe, and exclaimed, saying bad words. I told her why. I was really annoyed. It added to my frustration from earlier when I didn’t know if I’d have a way home (without having to walk or cycle in the rain), my sister saying something to me that I didn’t like, being hungry, etc. I called my brother and asked if he was at my aunt’s (because she lives about 3 driving minutes away from me). He said he wasn’t, but asked what I needed. I told him I forgot the clothes. He immediately said, “Oh, I could just bring them to you.” Just like that. No big deal. I was relieved. My mood improved. I went back to chatting with Babe.

About an hour later, I heard his car pull up, and he said my name in the military/police type of way that only he and our dad do. Well, occasionally our mother. Anyway, I went rushing out the door. He said, “You’re gettin’ a lil more than you bargained for.” I said, “Oh, ok,” having absolutely no idea what he meant. I got to the car, and there was an old friend. I hadn’t seen her in AGES. I was happy and surprised to see her, and we chatted briefly as Alan helped me to get control of the clean goodness in my arms. THEN, he showed me what he brought me. SUSHI. He told me to go ahead with the clothes, and he’s come behind with the sushi.

Now, I love sushi. I hardly ever get it. It’s fairly expensive here (as compared to what I’m used to paying in Canada), and there are only a few places that do it, and even fewer that do it well. Well, he opened the carry-out plate and showed me the rolls and sashimi. Yummm. I was SO happy. I’d just told Babe that I was hungry, and was trying to figure out what to make. It was already kind of late to be eating, but I needed SOMEthing. As always, my brother was there. Right on time. That little bit of kindness was the world to me. Clean towels and clothes. One of my favourite things to eat. Warm, happy feelings. And a smile.

Is there someone in your life who tends to sort of “save” it? Do you have a faux-dad? Who does the unexpected and makes you smile?


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  1. Aw, sweetest thing ever. Your brother must be amazing! What a blessing! I always wished I had a big brother, or little brother…just a brother! 😉
    I only have sisters. Which is fun too…but girls…aaarggh!!!!

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