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Empower Others

Far too much energy is spent on cutting other people time. We need to spend more energy – more time – on building people up. There are already too many broken people in the world. People need mending. People need healing. People need smiles and compliments and helping hands and sips of water. There’s always something we, individually, can do to brighten days, lighten loads, and empower others.

The list that follows is not my original work. I read it on Stephen’s Lighthouse and had to share.

50 Little Things You Can Do to Empower Other People

1. Give out compliments that you mean.
2. Speak and act with honesty.
3. Listen to others.
4. Help illustrate your points with visual aids.
5. Teach a class.
6. Get involved in community art projects.
7. Mentor a child or student.
8. Volunteer with local organizations.
9. Lead a group on a travel expedition.
10. Donate money to charity.
11. Help the spread of community health clinics.
12. Take the time to talk to strangers.
13. Start a non-profit.
14. Travel abroad and make new friends.
15. Reach out to friends and relatives at a distance.
16. Be aware of body language.
17. Be sincere.
18. Nurture talent in others.
19. Go out and support local musicians.
20. Give thoughtful gifts.
21. Join a community farm or grocery coop.
22. Volunteer in schools.
23. Stay in touch with local politics.
24. Throw dinner parties with a mixed range of guests.
25. Smile more often.
26. Use public transportation.
27. Organize recycling projects.
28. Run a benefit event.
29. Project positivity and eliminate negative thoughts.
30. Join a book group or club.
31. Start or join a language exchange program.
32. Lead team-building exercises at work.
33. Encourage social activities.
34. Initiate physical contact.
35. Tell your loved ones how you feel about them.
36. Make sure the atmosphere at work is a democratic one.
37. Nod your head when someone is making a point.
38. Help foster creativity.
39. Run meetings with an open, discussion oriented atmosphere.
40. Have suggestions ready for those who need advice.
41. Take walks to new areas of town.
42. Spend time planting trees in the community.
43. Set up a food or blanket drive.
44. Learn inspiring quotes that can be doled out.
45. Learn new listening techniques.
46. Study psychology.
47. Give a helping hand.
48. Give encouragement instead of criticism.
49. Take time for yourself to help others.
50. Learn intervention techniques.


Comments on: "Empower Others" (5)

  1. this is great! thanks for posting 🙂
    makes me happy.

  2. Am not sure about the politic part -__-“

    • I had to go read it again to find what you mean. Yeaaah, I’m not sure about that one either. Hahaha. I think it’s empowering to oneself to stay up-to-date and know what’s going on politically. I guess you could use your knowledge to empower others.

  3. Nooruddin Jalal said:

    Thank you for sharing it 🙂

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