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I Haz Tan

It’s another Thankful Thursday, y’allllll! WOO! Let’s get it!

  1. My grandmother is out of the hospital. She was discharged on Saturday, and is at home. Now if her appetite would just improve, we’d be some really happy campers. Funny how a stay in the hospital reduces the appetite.
  2. The ability to buy food, cook food, and eat food. Never having to go hungry. Even if I have to throw everything out of my fridge, I can make a little meal from items in the cupboard, or run out to the grocery and make something (get a few things) out of nothing (with $10.00).
  3. Suntan! It’s very slight, but there’s a little extra brown on me right about now. I like to tan for a bit longer than I was able to, and get a really good extra layer of colour. I get all bronzy and glowy, and I love it. Yes, I made up those words. You love ’em. I know this.
  4. Spent time with Drew before he left for Louisiana. We went to the beach, watched a movie, and had McDonald’s (which made my stomach hate me for 36 hours). Now we have memories to last until the next trip. Seems it may not be until next summer because they’re planning to visit his grandmother in Montana for Christmas. 😦 for us, but 🙂 for them.
  5. Fabric softener in my cupboard. I was sure I left it at the laundromat when I picked up my clothes. I must not have taken it there in the first place. I sent someone to pick it up for me and she was told that nothing was left. I thought it was misplaced or stolen. Was handwashing some things last night, and when I looked for the detergent, there it was! YAY!

Comments on: "I Haz Tan" (4)

  1. Yaaaay (applause) Love it 🙂

  2. wish i could haz tan, all i have now is slight moon burn from being inside all the time 🙂

    • Moon burn. Hahaha. I nearly died. Too funny.
      Moon burn > Fake tans, so you’re still sort of winning.
      I got a nice little sunburn a few weeks ago, and I didn’t notice it until a day after beaching, when I was in the shower. NOT a good way to discover sunburn, k?

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