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It’s Me Again

Random things about me, in case you don’t know enough already. Hahaha.

  1. Things I am addicted to: Babe (What a sweet addiction!); days off; lime green things; Twitter (I’m getting over it now); Nico (baby cousin); starchy food; fresh air; the feel and smell of towels right out of the dryer with a million Bounce sheets; hugs and kisses from Babe
  2. Things that really annoy me: Noise when I’m trying to get to sleep; phones ringing; mispronunciations of my name RIGHT after it’s been SAID; waiting; excessive use of profanity
  3. Things that always make me feel better: hugs and kisses from Babe; tea (3 tsp sugar, enough cream to make it match my complexion); beach time; cycling; hot showers; walks; babies
  4. Things that make me feel guilty: Favours (I find it hard to accept and feel the need to pay back); when Babe is nice to me when I’m in superbitch mode; eating the last serving of a meal
  5. Things I think I know: Aside from everything? It’s important to love self; Love > Everything – Love (including religion, law, rules of society); money isn’t nearly as important as how you get it and what you do with it; life is both too long and too short to be unhappy, live in someone else’s shadow, or try to please everyone else; how to dougie, jerk, and catdaddy 🙂
  6. Things I’m really bad at: Remembering more than 4 names at social gathering, going in the ocean (I take the tiniest steps while shivering and shrieking that it’s cold), drinking water (major work in progress)
  7. Things I think I look good in: The colours pink (one day I wore pink and got about 5 compliments), turquoise/teal (according to Babe), and black; skinny jeans; dark jeans; layered tanks; short dresses
  8. Things I wish I was better at: Cycling (distance/endurance), artsy things (painting, drawing); hairstyling
  9. Things I wish I had more of right now: Food (I think I brought too little for lunch. Lol); exciting work (this job is not doing it for me); great apartment options (gotta mooove if I get this new job); money (to mooove… And not just to a new apartment!)
  10. Things I do too often but shouldn’t: Scratch mosquito bites; buy/eat ice cream; go home with a half-full water bottle; sleep too long (which makes me super tired); forget to call people

Comments on: "It’s Me Again" (2)

  1. Ha ha yaaay I love your answers 🙂 Maybe you could also make up some more “things”, I hope this doesn’t end up on facebook one day as one of those mass-lists that people send around to each other in notes, it wasn’t intended that way, I was just ranting. Scratch mosquito bites, oh my, very guilty of that here!!! And the half-full water bottle thing, which is also annoying! 😀 Loved reading this post ^^

  2. Though I never tagged anyone who wasn’t mentioned, I’m very guilty of doing those FB notes. It relieved me of boredom in university. Or aided my procrastination. Same thing, right? Hahaha.

    I can definitely add some “things.” I’ll probably get around to it later this week. When I do, I’ll let you know. 🙂

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