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Day 14 – A hero that has let you down (letter)

This is just silly. I don’t want to do this one, honestly. I peeked ahead, and this is one that I just knew I couldn’t be bothered to do. I’m not into heroes. Don’t have any. And today, I’m in a particularly off mood. I just want to go back to my bed, and not deal with today. I am, however, going to force myself to write this damn letter.


GUITAR HERO ROCKED MY FREAKING SOCKS in 2009. WOO! (Picture from Google Images)

Dear Hero,

I don’t know who you are. Apparently, everyone has someone like you… Someone to look up to. Someone to save them from distress. Or themselves. Someone to come rushing in at the precise moment when they’re needed most. Maybe you’re just not a good one. Maybe you’re so good that I don’t notice I need you, or that you came to my rescue. You just fix things, make things happen, stop things from happening SO fast that I can’t tell. You don’t let anything get close enough to me for me to notice. In that case, I guess you rock, and I should change my attitude and the tone of this letter. At the same time, you should show me a little respect. I should know what goes on in my life. Even the things that ALMOST went on, or COULD HAVE went on (if you weren’t there to stop them). How am I supposed to learn if I don’t know these things? Maybe there are people I should stay away from, things I should stop doing, actions I should take… How would I know this if you always save the day… IN SECRET?

Here’s how you can step your hero game up:

– Save lives

– Stop bad things from happening

– Make good things happen

– Let me know when and how you do all of the above things

– Teach me what I need to learn to be self-sufficient and live a more productive life so that YOU can go off and save some other person

Ummm… The end. Bye.



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