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King of Sorrow

Day 13 – A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days

Dear Sade,

You are beautiful. Strikingly. One time, my mom’s friend told her that I look like you. I wondered if it was a compliment to me, or… Well, yeah. I took it as a compliment. Even though my mom disagreed. She later said that I’m prettier than you are. I don’t know if she was being honest. She said the same thing when someone said I look like Alicia Keys. Anyway, I just look like me. You look like beauty. In this picture, you really remind me of my girlfriend who is also super beautiful. You’re aging gracefully, and that’s really nice to see. Especially these days, when so many people – women in particular – are obsessed with covering, lifting, colouring, re-making parts of themselves. It’s also nice that you’re not overly-sexy, baring it all, or popping booty all over the place. Though I suppose the booty popping wouldn’t do much for the music you make.

Your music. It is great. It’s so soft, soothing, and true. The words you sing are like actual feelings. They don’t seem like something imagined or dreamed or pretended. They could only come from a place of truth. Honesty. Reflection. With and of yourself. For you to share that with the world is beyond anything that anyone could ever ask of an artist. Baring the soul is difficult to do. Especially to people you don’t know and will probably never meet. But you do it. In ev.er.y song. That is commendable.

Some of my favourite songs by you are:

No Ordinary Love

By Your Side

Soldier of Love

The song that gets me through rough days is definitely King of Sorrow.

It allows me to have a little pity party. By the time the song is over, I’ve allowed myself to feel all the awful feelings I would normally toss aside, and allowed myself to cry or do whatever I need to do to release the pain or sorrow. Then, I can move on, and leave the sorrow behind, in the song. Thank you for that. For giving me the license to FEEL. And to RELEASE. And to MOVE ON.

With thanks and appreciation,



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  2. Great letter 🙂 I will have to look into Sade. Thanks for sharing.

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