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Day 5 – Something you hope to do in your life

Hopes and dreams. Wants and wishes. Aren’t we all full of them? It’s funny, I have so many things that I hope/dream/want/wish to do, yet one really stands out. I want to have a family of my own. I want to be a wife. I want to be a mom. To four or five children.

I’ve always been open to a lot of things in terms of education, career, hobbies… I pretty much know what I like and what I want, but I’m willing to change it up a little. One thing that has not changed since I was a little girl is my desire to have my own family.

I see myself getting up in the morning to make breakfast. Waking up my children. Getting them ready for school. Being a taxi service, driving them to and from school and various other activities. I see myself helping children with homework, making fun snacks, ensuring that meals are well-balanced. I see myself asking, “Did you remember to take your vitamins?” “Did you pack an extra bottle of water?” “Who left the [xyz] in the [abc]?”

I see family portraits. I see holiday dinners. I see family vacations. I see school plays, recitals, report card days… I see all of it.

It’s all very exciting to me. I watch days and years slip by, and watch myself get older, and I wonder WHENNNNN?! Whennnnn is this going to happen? I’m not even married yet. Is it in the future? Sure. I think. When? I don’t know. 

These things, we can’t really plan. I always thought it funny when people would try to plan their lives, and say, “Oh, I’m gonna get married when I’m 25, and when I’m 26, I’ll have my first baby.” I never planned to that extent. I’ve had benchmark-type thingies. I’ve known that I’d rather not start having children when I’m 34. I’d like to be done by that time. I’ve always wanted my children to be 1-2 years apart. I want them to be able to relate to one another, play together, give each other advice, etc. I’ve hoped for 2 boys and 3 girls. I’ve hoped to have at least one boy before the girls come along. But these are all ideals in my head. Nothing is in stone. And I know that it’s something I simply can’t plan. I just have to see how it all turns out. And live with my proverbial fingers crossed. You can cross your for me too. *glances at left ring finger* It looks like I may need it.


Comments on: "Hopeful Wife and Mother (Day 5 of 30 Days of Truth)" (7)

  1. Hang in there 🙂 It will happen.

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  3. Heeyyy….am one of those gurls who plan their lives and set my goal to “Oh, I’m gonna get married when I’m 25, and when I’m 26, I’ll have my first baby.” LoL

    And trust me, I know exactly how you feel. Thou I got my man, but I am one of those unfortunate one that don’t get pregnant easily ;( I need the babies so I can start callin it “My Little family”

    So, lets get them lil babies…we just wanna be mommies 🙂

    • You horrible, horrible life-planning woman! Hahahaha. I think most of us do it.
      Don’t you worry ’bout a thing! You keep doing what you gotta do to get those babies! They’ll come no sooner or later than they’re supposed to. Just use the time you have until then very wisely. Obsess over different birthing practices, potty training methods, schools in your district, etc. That should keep you occupied AND make you appreciate the wait time. That’s what I’m doing!
      Maybe we’ll be mommies at the same time, and our toddlers can have Skype play dates. 21st century stuff!

      • Hahaha….Skype play dates? We can arrange that 😀

        Yeah, for now I’ll just do the best I could. Things will fall in place when its meant to be 🙂 I’ll try not to get stress over it thou…(sigh! this baby things is quite hard to face)

        Now, i better go n install the skype thing on my mac =)

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