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Acid Rain Talk

I’m working on widening my English vocabulary so that I have more words at my disposal when I talk about subjects like traveling, work, clothing.
I’m also working on deepening my vocabulary. I don’t want to repeat ‘nice’ all the time, but instead I want more words like lovely, delightful, sweet at my finger-tips.
So I opened the book that is supposed to teach me all of that and started reading. Ironically, it started with a very interesting topic the weather and environment.
First word: Acid rain.
Well, really, no one has to explain to me what that is all about. I perfectly know what acid rain is.
Let’s rewind a few hours. This morning I woke up, I drew the curtains and saw a bunch of acid rain falling from heaven. Somehow the floodgates of heaven were wide open and I bet one of the angels forgot to close them. That’s OK, it happens.
I immediately tried to find a calendar because I had to be sure it’s summer. I couldn’t tell because of all the acid rain, wind and leaves in my backyard. But yeah, the calendar said ‘July’. No calendar has ever lied to me, so I’m pretty sure it’s summer.
I then began thinking about the weather in general. People think and talk about the weather a lot.
When I’m at work and I see my coworkers entering the office with their hair and clothes soaking wet, I say, ‘aw, the weather sucks, huh?’
If I go on a break with one of my coworkers and the sun is shining, they smile and say, ‘the weather is great, isn’t it?’
People talk about the weather. I read an article in the newspaper the other day. It said that 71% of the people talked about the weather this past week. We’re not talking about long conversations, just commenting on the weather is enough. My English book confirmed it. I had to start widening and deepening my vocabulary by reading different things about the weather and learning words such as acid rain and global warming.
On top of that I have also noticed how many people are super sensitive to the weather. In my country it’s clear that people are happy clappy when it’s sunny.
I can see why.
I live in a country where it usually rains at least 396 days a year. That’s really special since a year has 365 days. Sometimes 366.
But when it rains, they walk by without saying ‘hello’ or even looking at you. People get sad and cranky when it rains. It’s OK; it happens to my hair too, but sometimes their faces are so evil they scare the daylight out of me. It’s as if people blame each other for the crappy weather.
Oh well, it’s all good, I’ll just go on widening and deepening my vocabulary, reading about acid rain. Even though I can’t tell it’s summer and my hair gets super cranky because of the rain, I’ll try to walk around with a huge grin, showing off my teeth, saying ‘hi’ to every passer-by.

Many thanks to Ruthie for the guest post. I always love her posts over at Just Rambling. They make me smile. And laugh. And nice things like that. SUPER happy to bring some of that over to my brand-spankin’-new blog. WOO! YAAAYYY, Ruthie, for guest-posting! If you like this post, and I KNOOOW you do, you should check out her blog regularly. I promise, I won’t consider it to be you cheating on me. 


Comments on: "Acid Rain Talk (Guest Post by Ruthie!)" (7)

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  2. Great Guest Post Ruthie… I hope you can find a way to “love” the tree… and maybe the rain can shine some sunlight on people 🙂 Gloomy days are always “gloomy” and people want sunlight.. for some reason the sun makes us happy, haha! 🙂 Loved your post like always.

    • Ruth D. said:

      Haha, thanks Jenna! I totally hope I will find a way to love that tree! 😛
      And if it’s sunny where you are, send some sunlight my way, I can totally use it! 😉

  3. It’s SO true that people are super sensitive to the weather. It really has an effect on most people’s moods. More people should wake up in the morning, and make a conscious decision to be happy. No. ECSTATIC. It’s important to realize that it’s all in our hands. Or our heads. I used to have a note on my bathroom mirror that said, “Happiness is a decision,” just to remind myself. Now, it’s stamped in my brain. I know it. I live it.

    E.g. It’s 7:30am, and I’d rather be in bed, but LUCKY ME! I have LIFE. I woke up, and I have a job to go to, and that pays my bills. That’s two reasons to be happy right there. WOO! *smiles*

    • Yeah, that’s it!!! OK so come here where I live and preach that! I dont really mind the rain, it’s just that I melt and my hair gets cranky. Other than that I’m pretty much OK. 😛

      • Hahahaha. I need to visit there anyway. Hmmm. *checks flights online*
        Yeah, I know all about the melting. That happens to sugar in water. I have the same issue. Hahahaha. My hair could sort of make it, but the product in it drains down, and can get kinda gross. Not good for the face at all!

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