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I was juuust saying I wish I could have a garden. I live in a little apartment, and it doesn’t come with an extra piece of earth. This provides a great alternative. I can have some pretty lil things to add life to my VERY WHITE apartment, and possibly grow some herbs. Winning all around! I’m excited! I hope I have some extra cash really soon to order one or two of these kits. I think they’d make pretty awesome gifts too. I’ll do a test order to see how long it takes for them to get in, and see what happens. *does excited little happy dance*

Yes, I Garden In A Bag! I was never known for having a green thumb or being able to keep anything green, green. Knowing that I lack the skills to keep any living creature besides myself alive, I still am hopeful. I try to buy plants once in a while and keep them alive. My new project is a fun one, not only I'm trying to keep something alive I'm actually growing it from scratch!!! The motivation behind the new green project was this "Garden-in-a-bag" kit from Potting She … Read More

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Comments on: "Yes, I Garden In A Bag! (via Life by SaJe)" (2)

  1. Ruth D. said:

    Haha, my fingers aren’t green either! LOL
    I killed a bunch of flowers in my life. I have plants now that have eternal life actually. It’s a lot easier! đŸ˜›
    Hey, I finished my guest post for you! Like I said, it’s nothing special, it’s just the way I write, I would have published it on my blog too đŸ™‚
    So do you want me to email it or anything?
    Just one more thing, make sure you do a grammar and spell check before you post it, OK?
    I always try to do it, but since English isn’t my native language, I make all kinds of mistakes!

    • Hahahahahahha. I’m not bad with plants. I was a pretty good gardener, actually, when I lived in a house with a garden. I’m excited to get back into it.
      Eternal life…Hahahahahaahah. Niiiiice!
      YAYYY! Guest post! Email: alicia[underscore]audrey[at]yahoo[dot]com
      I’m excited! I’ll grammar and spell check for you, no problem!

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