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Thankful Thursday!

I make a point of, at least once per week, intentionally thinking of things I’m thankful for. Makes life more appreciable.

Let’s see…  Today, I’m thankful for:

  1. Cellphone service. (I thought I may have been cut off yesterday. Phew!)
  2. Bottle of water on my desk. And the water is still cold. Yay!
  3. Music playing in my office. (I was recently told that I could no longer listen to my iPod through earphones. I found a radio station online to play on the computer. Thank goodness! I wouldn’t make it without music!)
  4. Nice weather (Sun is shining, after the rain. Coolness still in the air. For now.)
  5. Glasses! This is the first week I’ve remembered to bring them in MONTHS!
What are you thankful for today?

Comments on: "Thankful Thursday!" (2)

  1. Ruth D. said:

    Oh well, it’s not Thursday so this comment is called ‘thankful friday’.
    I’m thankful for my backyard! And I’m thankful for the shower I’m about to take 😉

    • Hahahaha. Nothing wrong with being thankful on a Fry-dizzle!
      Man, I wish I had a backyard! Then I’d have a garden and a giant trampoline (as opposed to the 1-person rebounder in my bedroom). Maybe I should get an indoor plant. Hmmm…
      Showers are pretty awesome too. I like ’em super hot, no matter the weather. Yeah, I’m crazy!

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