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I’m all for eating. Enjoying food. For every second that it lasts. I don’t think eating is supposed to be stressful. We should eat what we like. At the same time, we should respect our bodies. Know when we’ve had enough. Know what the body needs, without leaving it to YELL AT US LIKE THIS. I can deal with a guideline or two, but that fanatical finger-wagging eat-exactly-this-much-of-this-and-that-much-of-that and use-a-measuring-cup-plus-scale-plus-calculator-at-every-meal is not my style. This article is realistically helpful. I appreciate it. Thought you might too.



Eat a rainbow. Fruits and vegetables are a wide range of beautiful colors for more reason than to make the produce section look pretty. All the colors represent different vitamins and nutrients. So, if you eat a whole bunch of different colors, you'll get all your vitamins straight from the source. Fill up on water first. Often times we feel tired or hungry when we're actually just thirsty. Water fills you up and helps lube up your intestines so … Read More

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