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Canada Day

Canada Day. Apparently, we don’t recognize Canadian holidays in The Bahamas. No matter how huge it is. FOOLISHNESS, I say! We should all take time to celebrate the red and white. I wanted to be in Canada, but alas, I found myself at work. In Nassau. Bahamas. Blaaah.

If I was in Halifax, I would have started the day with breaky at Cora’s or Smitty’s. Then, I would have made my way to Brunswick Street to watch the Royal Nova Scotia Int’l Tattoo Parade. After the parade, I would have walked down to the boardwalk and spent time in the little shops, had a beavertail, indulged in some Cows ice cream, taken the ferry to Alderney Landing for the free concert… It would have been a full, fun, festive holiday. I was at my desk. At work. Did I mention that?

I’m pretty smart. I found a way to quietly celebrate. On this inside. RED and WHITE! I had a KitKat and a can of Coca-Cola. I felt Canada running through my veins. In the form of caffeine. Via soda and chocolate. It was great.

Next year, I’m hoping to really be there. Since I couldn’t be there this year, I did what I could. When I got home, I reminisced a bit and Babe indulged me as I went through pictures and videos and told stories. I miss it there. I will be back!

In Celebration of Canada Day - Red and White - KitKat + Coke

In Celebration of Canada Day – Red and White – KitKat + Coke


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