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I LOVE CAKE. This was the perfect thing for me to see this morning. I shall bake a cake tonight, actually. A Coca-Cola cake. Yes, I am serious. An actual cake with Coca-Cola in it. I’ll take pictures as I go along and share it along with the recipe later. And a taste review. Because people need to know!


via Ennui Ensues


Comments on: "Cake (via Ennui Ensues)" (3)

  1. lol whoa a coca cola cake? lookin forward to this…

    • YESSS! Exciting, right?!
      I’ve never made Coca-Cola cake, but I HAVE made 7Up cake. Pretty great! It’s sort of lemon flavoured, and it is a great light, airy-ness to it. That’s what soda does for a cake, apparently.
      I’ll keep ya posted on the Coca-Cola cake (outcome).

  2. About this cake… I fully intend to bake it. First, I had random things to attend to (e.g. chauffeuring my mom). Then, I realized that I had to throw out the marshmallows about a week ago because the bag must not have been closed properly, and ants took up residence. Marshmallows are a part of the cake. I AM STILL BAKING THIS CAKE. Probably on the weekend. I will not forget to blog about it, with pictures.

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