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On Saturday afternoon, my sister picked me up from work. I usually bike to and from work, but it’d been a while (no real reason why) since we’d seen each other and really spent time together. We managed to jam my bike in the back of her Grand Cherokee Jeep. That meant putting the backseat down, so my two niece ended up sitting on the back of the (folded down) backseat.

Saturday is my sister’s day to do all of the randomness she has to do. First, we picked up our nephew (special request from our other sister). We went grocery shopping which meant going to three different stores. (I’m a fan of a one-stop shop, except for fruit, veggies, and bread.) We went to the regular grocery store (pictures 5 of us, hanging around 1 grocery cart for 30 minutes) for most items, then another store for meat, and a third place for chips. From there, we went home to offload the grocery. We relaxed for a bit until we realized that the other sister wasn’t home to take nephew to his friend’s house. We went and made that run too. I got off at 5:30pm, and at this point, it’s about 9pm.

It was time to get me home. Stopped to Wendy’s for a lil din-din for me. Everyone else was having Chinese, after I was dropped off. While on the Wendy’s drive-thru, my niece decided to share a random dream of her. Apparently, she woke up in a panic, possibly crying, from this dream.

The Dream:

Keirra (niece) was at a hotel with her mom and her mom’s new (nonexistent in real life) baby. At some point, they exited the hotel, and Taylor (Keirra’s mom) told Keirra to wait outside for her, she’d be right back. Keirra waited and waited, but her mom never returned. The next thing she knew, people put her in a line with other children. Eventually, the children were all loaded onto buses. There were about 4 different buses. She kept looking around for her mom, waiting for her to come running and tell the people that it was all just a big mistake. When seated on the bus, she asked the girl next to her where they were going. This is when she was informed that they were on an “Adoption Bus!” She kept looking out the window, and finally spotted her mom! Walking AWAY from the bus WITHOUT her, just “strolling the baby along.” At this point she thought, “This EVIL WOMAN!”

And that’s how my niece found out that her mother would probably put her up for adoption if she ever let her leave her alone outside of a hotel. Parrr-TIC-u-lar-ly if her mom has a new baby. And there are 400 children and 4 “Adoption Buses” in the area.


Comments on: "Saturday Evening Adventures and Stories" (2)

  1. Ruth D. said:

    Haha, aw poor girl!

    • I know! Hahaha. She’s hilarious. I’ll post audio of her telling the story/dream once I manage to clean it up a bit. A very expressive 12 year old she is.

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