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Time to DO

It’s a beautiful day here in Nassau, Bahamas. The sun is shine, the breeze is blowing… Outside. I’m inside. It’s a work day for me. Yay. -_-

I was just thinking… I need to get out of here. Spending the greater part of my life, while awake, in an office with no windows, doing things I really don’t care to do… This is not living. I’m alive, but this… This is not life. Not the way it’s meant to be lived.

Motivation. Crucial. I have been motivated. It’s time to do what it takes. I have to get out of here. And I don’t just mean at 5:30pm. I mean, permanently. Unless I have the sudden need for furniture and/or appliances and this is my best option.

I have to do some things. Make some calls. Write some letters. ACT on things. Make things happen. Nothing is falling into my lap, funny enough. My degrees aren’t making magic happen. I’ve got to make my own magic. The time is now.

First, I need lunch.


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